Perfecting Pres: The Master Plan


Victoria Capobianco

Over the past few years, Pres girls have been welcomed back to campus with new additions to the school such as the expanded 200 building, renovated Mary statue, and updated classrooms. However, these developments are just the beginning of Presentation’s new “Master Plan.”

Pres’s administration has begun to develop a 15-20 year Master Plan for the long-term future of campus. The Master Plan is currently in the “dreaming stage” of production as the administration has begun to work with an architect, while gaining both student and faculty feedback on what changes they would like to have on campus.

Last December, the student body completed the Long Range Master Plan Survey, which asked students to point out the most and least effective spots on campus, in addition to asking what new spaces they would like to see at school.

The survey results showed that the most requested addition to Pres would be a student lounge. Several high school campuses around the Bay Area have student lounges or unions as a place to hang out during the school day. “I know Bell has a nap center, like you can literally go and take a nap during your free” said sophomore Taylor Greene.

There are several benefits to creating a lounge as students would not have to crowd the hallways by sitting in front of their lockers or sprawling out anywhere they could find a free space on campus, neither of which are ideal conditions.

“I don’t think there is a comfortable space to do our homework where we can talk about it. There is always something in the center, and you can’t talk in the library. There is the study center, but people are getting tutored and everything and then you don’t want to sit in the hallways,”  said junior Natalie Sousa.

Currently, the center is a popular hangout spot for students, however, the survey results revealed that girls do not think it is an effective building. This issue could quickly be solved by adding in a student lounge.

“We could go during our free period as a place to maybe take a nap and have a place to relax and not really think about school,” said junior  Sidney Ovrom.  

Beyond the suggestions written on the survey, students across campus have their own ideas of what changes they want to see at school. ““We need to add a dressing room to the upstairs of the theater because the girls don’t have anywhere to change in the center and it’s really uncomfortable,” said junior Hannah Franchetti.

Some students have crazier ideas: ““I’d like hammock chairs in all the rooms!” said Sousa.

Other popular requests among the survey results were to have more areas to eat inside and out, to update the center, and to have more available parking areas. But is giving Pres a facelift the only thing the Master Plan is concerned with?

“It  really fits into the community wellness. I think there are things with the spaces that are not ideal for students as well as teachers,” says Vice Principal Timothy Case. “I think that the larger plan behind this is to establish a campus that everyone is happy to be at or on and that everybody is pleased with, that they feel the sense of community, that they feel the sense of what Pres is all about.”

The Master Plan is currently in the early stages of a two-year long process. In a perfect world, all new renovations and updates would be available tomorrow, however, the reality is that this Master Plan is going to take some time to complete.

So seniors and juniors, sorry, you may not be around Pres long enough to possibly experience a new lounge or get lunch in an updated center, but your feedback is still pivotal to keep Pres growing and prospering for the Panthers of the future.

“I think that you will probably be surprised to see the way that the campus might be reconfigured in the eyes of architects whose job it is to efficiently use space,” continues Case. “And that what people see certain spaces right now on campus as, may very well be very different things.”

 Although in a few years the campus may look a little different than the one we stepped onto freshmen year, this Master Plan is sure to make Pres an even better place to learn for years to come.