MOS: Do you still eat at Chipotle? Why?

Anhiti Dharmapuri, Freshman

“I do not eat at Chipotle because even if they recalled their food, I want to wait until the bacteria epidemic cycles out. After that I will be eating Chipotle again a lot. And I mean A LOT!”Anhiti Dharmapuri_low res

Diana Jakovcevic, Freshman

“I stopped eating Chipotle after I heard about the E.coli breakout.”Diana Jakovcevic_low res

Peyton Balanay, Sophomore

“It’s convenient because it’s right by my house. It’s fast and easy.”

Peyton Balanay_low res

Vanessa Moore, Sophomore

“I rarely eat at Chipotle, but I stopped eating there when I found out about the bacteria problem. It’s shocking that they would serve contaminated food to their customers.”

Vanessa Moore_low res

Natalie Zakher, Junior

“I usually eat at Chipotle but because of the bacteria breakout, I only have it once in a couple of months.”

Natalie Zakher_low res

Neda Amin, Junior

“I haven’t been eating Chipotle lately because I wanted to make sure I didn’t get sick. I’m going to wait like a couple of months just to be sure it’s gone.”

Neda Amin_low res

Amanda Antone, Senior

“I got sick after eating at Chipotle one time, so I haven’t eaten there since. But I’m not positive I got sick from that. My family eats there often so I’ll probably start eating there soon. After all, Chipotle is life.”

Amanda Antone_low res

Karina Dandia, Senior

“I used to eat at Chipotle, but now I don’t eat there anymore because of the bacteria breakout.”

Karina Dandia_low res