Dear Nano

Dear Nano,

My iPad screen has cracked for the second time since this semester started. These incidents were not my fault but somehow I have to pay for it to be fixed again. What should I do?

-Klutzy Katie


Dear Katie:

Here at Pres, we aim to teach our students one of the most prominent qualities in our moral code of conduct. Honesty. If it was a student who knocked over your iPad and cracked the screen, do not feel bad for politely asking her to pay for the damages. If it’s not your fault you should not have to ask your parents to pay $150, especially if this has occurred before. And if you know you have cracked another person’s iPad, do take responsibility for your actions. Remember, I see everything. Nano knows.




Dear Nano,

As we all know, Thanksgiving is around the corner and although I usually wear jeans at our family gatherings, I know I’ll feel bloated during dinner and not be able to eat as much. Would it be socially acceptable to wear jeggings to Thanksgiving dinner?

-Muffin Top Mandy


Dear Mandy:

Jeggings. What is a jegging? And what is a jean? Either don’t seem to be quite the icing on the cake, but in my days I wore skirts. They are both fashionable and socially acceptable. And if I must say, my ankles were quite the eye catcher. I suggest you wear a nice, long skirt to Thanksgiving dinner. It’s Nano Nagle and Grandma approved!




Dear Nano,

I blackened and charred the Thanksgiving turkey! SOS SEND JESUS! What do I do?!?

-Can’t Cook Cathy


Dear Cathy:

YOU HAD ONE JOB, BIRDBRAIN! But the gift of life is not food. The only thing to satisfy your hunger is God alone. You must’ve spent a lot of time trying to catch the turkey anyway, so you mustn’t let it go to waste! Better blackened than rare, am I right? Enjoy your crisp turkey and don’t forget to say grace before your meal!

With love,