Dear Nano


Dear Nano, I’m a freshman and I want to go to Black and White, but someone told me I have to take a date! I don’t know any boys and even if I did I would be too scared to ask. Please help!

-Dateless Dolly

Dear Dolly,

First of all, whoever told you that you have to go with a date has the wrong idea. Tons of people go with their friends, so don’t even worry. Go with some friends and have a great time–sisters before misters all the way. I never got married and I turned out just fine. But, for everyone else out there who does plan on taking a date, you do you, ladies.

With love, Nano


Dear Nano, some of my friends have recently starting doing things that are… problematic. Their idea of a good time is doing things I’ve always been told not to do. We’ve been friends for years and I don’t want to lose their friendship, but I also don’t want to get pressured into doing something I’m not comfortable with. What should I do?

-Above the Influence Abby

Dear Abby,

I understand it can be tough to see your childhood friends changing. Although this may seem hard, I would suggest finding a new friend group that upholds the same values as you. look at me as an example. I partied pretty hard while I was studying in France and wouldn’t have turned my ways around if I hadn’t witnessed the suffering of the poor outside of a church. Idk if you can make that happen for them but what you can do is tell an adult about it. We have some great counselors at Pres that you can talk to and you can always talk to your parents.

Sincerely,  Nano


Dear Nano, I’m pretty sure one of my teachers hates me. We totally got off on the wrong foot at the beginning of the year and now I’m basically failing their class. How can I make her like me?

-Un-Teacher’s Pet Uma

Dear Uma,

First of all, no one hates you. Pres teachers are the nicest people in the world and Pope Francis has told us basically a hundred times not to hate people. Find your chill. Maybe you’re failing the class because you don’t study hard enough. Try setting up a meeting with the teacher to talk about improving your grade and be extra nice to them so they like you more. Worst comes to worst and you feel like she still hates you, try bringing her  a shiny red apple. That always works in the movies…

Cordially, Nano