New Campus Changes for a New School Year


While the student body was away for summer vacation, Presentation was bustling with people hard at work painting, renovating and improving the campus for the upcoming school year.

One of the most noticeable changes to Pres is the Mary statue, which, according to Principal Mary Miller, was in need of some sprucing up. “It was starting to get a little overgrown to the point that you could hardly see Mary anymore,” Miller says. “Since she’s kind of the focal point of the school, we wanted to kind of clean up the whole thing.”

In addition to the new white roses and boxwood hedges, the exterior of the statue was lowered by two bricks and retiled so that girls could sit on the granite more comfortably. The roses and hedges are on a drip-system, so they are eco-friendly.

Another step towards a more green school comes from the large green tank outside of the pool. This tank holds used water from the pool, cleans it and then can be used for the plants in the surrounding area.

However, we also lost some green recently. Last week, one of the trees outside Room 3 was cut down to a stump. Miller explains, “It was like the Leaning Tower of Tree!” An arborist  determined that the roots of this tree were dying due to the drought. Miller says that there are plans to take out the stump and plant another tree soon.

In indoor news, the foyer is now sporting a fresh coat of white paint. Miller says that the plan is to eventually do the whole school. However, there are some financial boundaries. “Each one of those classrooms–the remodel with the floor, the painting and the furniture–is about $30,000 each. So to do the whole south wing would be a couple hundred thousand,” says Miller. Fundraisers like “Stand Up for Pres” during the October auction will raise the funds to help the school feel a little more fresh and lively.

That’s not all! Miller says, “By room 23, we repaved and took out where the cow used to be so that the flow to the 200 building isn’t as bottlenecked as it was.” So where is the cow?

“The cow’s still here!” says Miller. If you look close enough, it’s in between room 23 and the side of the theater. Miller says, “Rumor is that the cow is going to be repainted to Pres plaid and then it’s going to come back out when it’s repainted.”

Despite all of these changes, Miller says, “It was actually a pretty quiet summer. Because by Pres standards, in the past two years, last summer, we were building the new building. The summer before, we did the HVAC, heating, air conditioning, and new roof.”

With all of the new changes, you can only imagine what other ideas the faculty and staff of Presentation have in store for the future!