Holiday Gift Guide: DIY Style


Claire Mulcahy, Reporter

If you are on a budget this Christmas, then this is the gift guide for you. These are all fairly simple DIY Christmas gifts for your loved ones. You can run quickly to Michaels and pick up a few of these supplies for an inexpensive, meaningful, fun gift for anyone.

For your sibling: The No-Sew Fort Kit   

 nosew fort kit_lowres 

The No-Sew Fort Kit is the perfect gift for any sibling, whether they act younger than you or are actually younger than you. All of the supplies you need for this can easily be found in Michaels or Target. The list of supplies will change based on who is receiving it, but a basic list would be two sheets, rope, a flashlight, clothespins, clips or clamps, suction cups and glowsticks. A full list of instructions can be found on Pinterest. Your sibling is sure to enjoy this creative, fun and loving gift.

For your Mom or Dad: DIY Air Freshener and Mugs

dad mug_lowres              Air Freshener_lowres

DIY Air Freshener is sweet gift that you could give to either you mom or dad. It’s really easy to make and will leave a wonderful reminder of you every time they smell it. Another cute and fun idea is to make personalized mugs for your parents. You can go take some time at Petroglyph if you feel like getting a little fancier, but you can always buy a mug and sharpies and make a quick and easy mug.

For your friend: Pictures!

picture letters_lowres

What is more meaningful to a friend than all the pictures you’ve taken together on all of your fun adventures? This Christmas, instead of buying them clothes or something that will eventually be given away, give them a scrapbook or collage of all the things you’ve done together. It’s sweet, fun and life lasting.

For your grandparents: Kitchen Gifts

kitchen gift_lowres              cookie cutters_lowres

Going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house always means being fed too much or baking the day away. That’s why getting your grandparents a cute oven mitt filled with different kitchen utensils is such a fun idea. Also if you want to participate in the fun holiday baking, you can always get your grandparents a decorated jar of cookie cutters. This is always a fun way to ignite some bonding time with your grandparents over some holiday cookies.