A Show About You, For You


Claire Mulcahy, Reporter

Presentation High School’s performing arts department is taking a few leaps forward from gangsters in the 1940’s to teenagers in 2014 in the upcoming musical #HeadCase.

According to performing arts director and writer of the show, Jim Houle, this show is a dramatized example of life in high school in today’s society. Everything from bullying and peer pressure to the internet and applying to college is touched on in this brand new musical. Houle says, “The reason we are doing this show is so that every Presentation student can see it, and have the experience of seeing a piece of theatre that is about them.”

In trying to get every student to come and see the show, the writing team has created many characters that represent just about everyone in high school, from the tough guy to the transfer student to the nervous freshman. There will be a character for everyone to relate to.

There are two main ideas in this show; one is more obvious than the other. The visible theme is teen stress and how there is some sort of stress associated with a lot of things in this society. The underlying theme that speaks to the world of 2014 is that everyone is so connected, yet not connected at all. Freshman Gina Saglimbeni, who plays the “I want” character says, “We have become so glued to our social media, and this is where we are comfortable. Some people prefer texting rather than actually talking to someone face to face, because behind that screen is where they have become comfortable. We have hundreds of friends online, people we chat with and comment about, but how many of those “friends” do we actually make connections with in the real world?”

The artistic staff speaks highly of the cast turnout for this musical, which they called very strong. “Almost all of the leads are in choir, and this show is almost all sung, so imagine those girls hitting those harmonies,” said Houle.

When asked to describe this show in four words, Houle said, “Rent for high school.” If you are not familiar with the musical Rent, then an easier way to understand this is “we are everything that they didn’t put in High School Musical”. There is going to be such a strong mix of music, which means that there is going to be some rock songs and some ballads.

Although this isn’t a musical that has been on Broadway for years, Houle says it is definitely one you will not want to miss. “Give something original a chance.” This show runs January 14-18 and tickets will be on sale at the Presentation website.