5 Christmas Gifts That Will Make You Say, “Da Heck?”

Ankita Bhanot, Managing Editor

The holiday season is here! Many of us are starting to make lists, heading to the mall and buying presents in preparation for Christmas and the time of gift-giving. On Christmas morning, as we race to discover what the wrapped boxes under our tree hold, most of us can expect some of the more traditional presents. Some of us may be opening presents of makeup, clothes and maybe the new Taylor Swift album.

But what about the uncommon presents that some of us might end up with under our trees? You can find anything from a bacon mug to grass covered flip-flops to meat socks online. Yes, meat socks. Here are some of the most wacky presents out there.




Behold: “Handerpants!” Or, hand underpants.This is perfect for that one person in your life who has always dreamed of having their hands dressed in unmentionables. Well, at least your palms will stay warm!



Jesus Shaves Mug

This image-changing mug seems to hold divine powers. The mug starts off with a picture of bearded Jesus, but when you pour hot water in, the picture changes to a clean-shaven Jesus holding scissors in his hand. He shaves within a second right before your eyes! You go Jesus. Talk about a miracle!



Bacon Air Freshener


For all you bacon lovers! This air freshener takes it to a whole new level. Forget the basic scents of lavender, vanilla and pumpkin. That was so 2013. You can spray the bacon freshener anywhere! Now it can smell like breakfast time all the time.



Hairy Leg Stockings


Let’s face it: Some of us already have legs that look like this. #MLIP. But if you’re feeling especially cave-woman like, go ahead and buy these stockings! Or maybe get them for your pubescent neighbor boy that has problems growing hair.




Abraham Lincoln Bandages


Got a bruise? Abe has got you covered! As the tagline says on the packaging, “He will heal your wound as he healed a nation.”

Abraham Lincoln