Ten Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer


Lauren Thomason, Reporter

Do you feel like you have an inner Buddy the Elf just waiting to come out? Well, this is the season for Buddy and if you are drawing blanks on how to spread that Christmas cheer, here are ten things you can do to brighten up your school day.

1. Pres girls love their food. If you really want to brighten someone’s day, treat her like Santa and bake some Christmas-themed cookies.
2. Have a gingerbread house making contest. Get together a group of friends after school and see who can make the best gingerbread house. Make them at school and have random people passing by be the judges.
3. “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Buddy says it best in Elf. Go around the hallways singing your favorite jingle or get your teacher to turn on a Pandora Christmas station during class. Almost everyone loves a good Christmas song once in a while and it makes learning much more fun.
4. Tie little jingle bells to your shoelaces. You get to practically hear the spirit of Christmas emanating from your shoes everywhere you go.
5. Hum a Christmas tune and see if your friends can guess which one it is. Make a game out of it and make the songs harder as you go on. Whoever gets it right the most gets one of the previously mentioned cookies.
6. Wrap your pens and pencils in some sassy Christmas ribbon. Imagine how this little task will put a smile on your face every time you see those happy snowmen or you get a visit from Rudolph.
7. Put bows on your friends’ lockers. See how long it will take your friends to notice that you added a bit of Christmas spirit to their lockers.
8. Did you know there is such thing as portable Christmas lights? Girl, you should go get you some of those. Put them anywhere! Your backpack, your locker; imagine the possibilities!
9. Write Christmas song lyrics or poem verses on sheets of paper and stick them in your friends’ lockers or backpacks. You can be the nice version of “A” and get everyone in the Christmas spirit.
10. Randomly wear a Santa hat or reindeer ears. We are allowed to accessorize so why not do it with a Christmas spin. If you don’t want to go as far as wearing a hat, try breaking out that crazy Christmas charm bracelet like the crazy for Christmas lady from The Santa Clause.