Student-Teacher Teams Triumph in Tennis Tournament

All teams pose for a group photo before starting the tournament.

Alexandria Anderson, A&E Editor

Where’s the one place on campus where students and teachers go to battle it out playing different sports games? If you thought of A-day Smackdown, then you’re not wrong, but these lunch competitions are not the only place where students and teachers go to see who will reign supreme on the court.

On Oct. 18, Pres’ varsity tennis team put on their first annual Student Versus Teacher Tennis Tournament at Wallenberg Park. Student-teacher pairs went head-to-head to compete for a first place title, which included both a certificate and a trophy for the team members.

The event was fun to watch, and the students and teachers looked like they were having just as much fun, if not more.

“Teachers smack-talked and tried to play a sport that most were not proficient in. We had a barbeque afterwards, so that gave us a chance to really talk and share stories,” said Angelee Handa, senior.

Not only was the event full of laughter and a competitive spirit, but it was also full of surprising twists and turns. From last minute team changes to even some casualties on the court– Vice Principal of Student Activities Katherine Cobarrubia took a spill during one of the matches but got right back up and kept on playing– the games were action-packed from start to end.

Playing alongside their teachers also helped students break down some barriers between themselves and the faculty members.  “I think Goldau and I got even closer which was nice…I learned more about her,” said Sonia Varandani, senior, when asked about math teacher and teammate Sharon Goldau.

At the end of the matches, team members Mallory Menne, sophomore, and Sean Donoho, English teacher, walked away with the coveted first place title. Following in second place were Varandani and Goldau, and then Handa and science teacher Megan Twiddy took home third place.

From witty team names like, “The Twiddy Birds,” to playful banter both on and off the courts, the games truly brought out the best in its competitors.

“I am so much closer with not only my teacher, Ms. Twiddy, but with all the other teachers at the tournament because you play one another and eat alongside each other for once,” said Handa. “It was a great experience.”

This is the first time an event like this has been hosted by the varsity tennis team, and from the looks of it, the tournament will become an annual tradition for the team.Who knows, the Student Versus Teacher Tennis Tournament could give A-day Smackdown a run for its money!