Do You Dare Play Ouija?


Creative Commons

Cristina Caltagirone, Reporter

You and your friends sit around the dining room table as the dim light from the ceiling shines on the board. The tear shaped eye moves across the wooden plate yet you can’t tell who’s making it shift. Your friends laugh as they smirk at the ridiculous idea of talking to ghosts, and you pretend to laugh in disbelief.

“It’s just a game,” you tell the others. The room becomes still and the whispers of your friends grow silent. Fingers tremble as you slowly look towards the center of the eye, which begins to spell out the words “Are you sure?”

Do you dare play Ouija? Some Pres girls have already tried. Senior Diane Nhieu recounts her experience playing the ghostly game. While at a friend’s party, a maze was set up in the garage, and inside the maze was a setup for everyone to play Ouija.

One of Diane’s friends asked the first question, “Please, give us a sign that you are here.” After everyone had gathered around the board, the room silenced. As if in response, a faint sound of laughter came from outside the maze, but nobody was there. Who was laughing? Everyone at the party surrounded the table. Not a soul could account for the laughter on the other side of the room.

The varsity softball team has had their fun playing the eerie game, too. During a team bonding night, the softball team decided to test their luck speaking to the dead. Senior Orla Ruane reminisces the events of the game. “One of the girls started the game by asking the board if anyone was there watching them,” she said. Slowly, the team watched as the eye hovered over the “yes” symbol.

The girls were shocked at the response and quickly huddled next to each other in fear. “We were all kinda freaked out, so another girl decided to ask, ‘Am I pretty?’ The eye instantly read ‘no’” Ruane recalls. “I have never laughed harder in my life!” As the girls began to ease and the tension of the game faded, Orla remembers seeing her teammate laugh to herself, and admit to the rest that she had been moving the eye the entire time.

So, is Ouija just a hoax? Freshman Elizabeth Martin also recalls an experience when she played Ouija for the first time. “My friends and I came together to play the game because we thought it would be fun,” she says. “Right when we started the game, the doorbell rang and everyone jumped. We forgot we ordered delivery! But it was scary, we thought it was some ghost.”

You and your friends hesitate to ask yet another question. Fearful of the response and eager to end the game, but your fingers can’t break free from the tear shaped eye. Glued to the wooden spirit board, you close your eyes in panic. The voices of your friends slowly vanish as you hear the horrifying sound of silence.

Some say the eye is impossible to move. Other people move it as a joke. Some say its the dead warning you. What do you think? Do you dare play Ouija?