When you’re single vs. in a relationship on Valentine’s Day

Olivia Catelani


10:00am: Wake up, realize you have nowhere to be, and fall back asleep

11:30am: Wake up for the second time

11:45am: Finally get out of bed and have a bowl of cereal

12:00pm: Debate going upstairs and taking a shower

12:30pm: Realize that you fell asleep on the couch for a half hour

12:45pm: Change out of your pajamas into a pair of comfy sweats and a t-shirt

1:00pm: Drive to Safeway, see a couple holding hands, and resist the urge to throw up in the sample trash bin

1:15pm: Purchase sushi, a tub of ice cream, and a box of chocolates

1:30pm: Put the groceries away and eat your lunch, then turn on The Bachelor and live vicariously through the 25 women who think they are already in love with Nick

3:00pm: After the movie, turn on some tunes and jam out around your house

5:00pm: Doordash something delicious for dinner

6:30pm: Receive your dinner and turn on a Valentine’s movie

7:00pm: Halfway through the movie realize you are forever alone and cry into your ice cream and chocolates

7:30pm: After the movie, Skype some of your other single friends and have a mini Galentine’s Day at home

8:30pm: Say goodnight to your friends and eat some more of your chocolates

9:00pm: Turn in early for the night, since you don’t have anywhere else to be

10:00pm: Dream of Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds fighting for your affection



9:00am: Wake up and eat breakfast

9:30am: Shower, brush teeth, and get dressed

10:30am: Watch a sappy love movie to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit

11:00am: Text your date a heart emoji to let them know you’re thinking of them

12:30pm: Eat lunch

1:00pm: Continue watching sappy movies

1:45pm: Get a response from your date and text through the rest of the movie

3:30pm: Spend some time looking in your closet for the perfect outfit

4:00pm: Start curling your hair for your date

4:45pm: Do your makeup

5:00pm: Get really frustrated when you can’t make your wings match

5:50pm: Get dressed for your date wearing a red dress with a heart-shaped cutout and black heels

5:55pm: Take some bomb selfies

6:00pm: Get picked up for dinner

6:30pm: Sit down at your table and order food that will be delivered on fancy glass plates

6:45pm: Have a meaningful and fun conversation with your date

7:00pm: Be served your food and eat it with engraved utensils and an embroidered napkin.

7:15pm: Worry about your date seeing the food stuck in your teeth

8:00pm: Finish dinner and offer to pay, but ultimately let your date pay the bill

8:30pm: Walk around with your date, chatting and window shopping

9:00pm: Go back home

9:30pm: Kiss your date goodnight

9:45pm: Stare at yourself in the mirror for a bit and get really sad when you ultimately take your makeup off

10:00pm: FaceTime with your date, even though you just saw them

12:00am: Fall asleep