Archetype of the Annoying Relative

Archetype of the Annoying Relative

Ankita Bhanot, Managing Editor

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and most of us are switching our t-shirts out for our warm sweaters. Thanksgiving is around the corner to kick off the holiday season, and for most of us, it means a time of celebration, family and food. A lot of food. Although it is great for most of us to see our family come together for this occasion, there are always those few relatives that we are less than excited to meet. Just admit it; all of us have that one annoying cousin that we aren’t totally psyched to spend time with. Let’s take a look at a few of the common annoying relatives that some of us may share. How many of these archetypes are in your family?


The Nosy Aunt: It’s easy to spot your nosy aunt because she’s not only the first person to exclaim, “Look how much you’ve grown!”, but she immediately follows that with a “How much weight have you gained?” The nosy aunt takes the third degree to a whole new level. Instead of asking how you are, she wants to know about your friends, your boyfriend, how many parties you attend and what kind of places you spend your time at. Honestly, most of us can barely remember what we have due for homework the next day.

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The Little Pest: Sure, children are adorable. But some just don’t know how to behave. This kid is the boy that runs through your door screaming and takes it upon himself to make sure that every decoration in your house has been knocked out of its place. At this point, his mother has given up on trying to control his behavior. Wondering if you have a little pest in your family? Well, if there’s a piece of china or glassware that gets “accidentally” broken each year, the little pest might be your culprit.



The Perfect Cousin: We all have that one overachiever in our family that is perfect at everything: grades, sports, extracurriculars. You’re feeling proud that you got into one of your early schools? Well, she was already recruited by Harvard last year. Oh, and that new iPhone that just came out? She was one of the interns that helped create it. Suddenly your “A” in Calculus doesn’t seem as great anymore.


The Drunk Uncle: The drunk uncle is pretty self explanatory. Instead of enjoying the mashed potatoes and gravy, this uncle heads straight to the booze. Most of the family does enjoy a little wine during their dinner, but instead, the drunk uncle enjoys a little dinner during his wine. After a few glasses you might be able to hear your drunk uncle muttering the lyrics to Beyonce’s latest single.

 Drunk Uncle


Some of you reading this might have been able to relate to at least one of these archetypes, or perhaps even all of them! But at the end of the day, these crazy characters are what make each of our families so unique. Your extended family may be a little hard to deal with, but at the end of the day, we should be thankful that they make each Thanksgiving so memorable.