Santa’s Suggestions: Your 2018 Christmas Gift Guide


Isabelle McKenzie, Reporter

Believe it or not Panthers, we are approaching that special time of the year again, Christmas! While finishing CRPs and studying for finals may be fresh on our minds, it’s important to not let hectic schedules get the best of Christmas shopping. After all, you don’t want to gift a pair of Walmart Christmas socks to your little brother for the fourth year in a row. This month, the Voice makes it easier for you to find the perfect presents for your family and friends.


Gift Ideas for Mom:

  • Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Gift Basket (starts at $13.50): Bath and Body Work’s Aromatherapy Collection is the gift perfect for at home pampering! With multiple different aroma’s to choose from, you can create the perfect gift basket to help your Mom relax and destress after her busy schedule. Possible products for purchase include recharge lotions, stress relief aromatherapy massage oils, exfoliation scrubs, aromatherapy scents for energy and sleep, and much more.
  • Burke Williams Spa Manicure at Santana Row ($45.00): If your mom is in desperate need of a getaway, but is too busy to leave home, a spa trip is the perfect gift idea! Schedule your mom a manicure at Burke Williams Spa so that she can kick back and relax. The wonderful service at Burke’s includes but is not limited to a hot cup of complimentary tea, lavender-scented blankets and oatmeal pillows, and hand massage and cuticle care. What a treat!


Gift Ideas for Dad:

  • Electronic Accessories (price contingent on item purchased): A simple, yet greatly appreciated gift for a dad could easily be a new electronic accessory. A nice set of earphones or even a new phone case could be the perfect gift to replace an old or fast-fading product!
  • Audible Subscription/Book: If your dad is anything like mine, then he is listening to iBooks as frequently as he listens to music. Purchasing an audio book, a month’s worth of audible, or just a classic paper copy can be a much more special present than meets the eye. Who doesn’t love curling up by the fireplace with a book during the holiday season?


Gift Ideas for Sister:

  • Alex and Ani Bracelet (starts at $21): Alex and Ani bracelets are the perfect way to complete any outfit! Whether your sister likes dressing cozy or prefers dressing up more, Alex and Ani bracelets are perfect for everyone’s preference. Buy your sister a bracelet with charms that reflect her interests, with so many selections to choose from, Alex and Ani has something for every girl!
  • Cute Slipper Set (price contingent on slippers purchased): It can get quite chilly during the holiday season, so what better way to go than give your sister something to keep warm during the cold winter months! Slippers may be a simple way to go, but they’re something your sister will use each day. Make the gift more fun by buying her favorite color or choose a set with a special design or pattern.


Gift Ideas for Brother:

  • Video Game, board game, or toy of interest (price contingent on item purchased): It seems as if there is never an end to the creation of video games, board games, or interesting toys that’ll spark your brother’s interest! Whichever of these items sparks your brother’s interest will have him excited as ever Christmas morning!
  • Gift card to favorite restaurant ($25 is a reasonable price): If you are still unsure what to buy your brother this Christmas season, this is it! It seems as if I am always spending my money on food these days, and I’d guess that goes for many. Buy your brother a gift card to his favorite restaurant so that he can splurge the next time he goes out to eat!


Gift Ideas for Grandparents:

  • Homemade/DIY memory book (so one of a kind it’s priceless): Everyone knows how sentimental grandparents are! Warm their hearts this holiday season with a unique, homemade photo album. Nothing’s as special as looking back on old memories with the ones you love most!
  • Nice sherpa blanket (price contingent on item purchased): The winter months are cold, and there’s no better way to keep warm then with a nice sherpa blanket! Costco is the perfect place to buy giant fuzzy blankets that will be loved not only this winter but throughout each season as well!


Gender-Neutral Gift Ideas for Friends or Cousins:

  • Movie Basket with AMC tickets and candy (two AMC tickets averages $, candy prices are unique to your basket): New movies are always being released, and with Oscar season not too far around the corner, there are sure to be some amazing films in the theater! Gift your friend the ultimate movie basket so they can enjoy the latest big hit in the movie industry!
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater (average price is $20): If more comedic gifts are right up your alley, an ugly christmas sweater is the perfect gift to give this year! Keep your friends cozy this holiday season with sweaters that will both make them laugh and enjoy the holiday spirit!