Beauty Favorites


Zoey Towner

As a school of all girls, beauty is bound to come up from time to time. When not talking about the mountains of homework or 1000 tests, you might hear the average friend group talking about their favorite mascara or what lip balm changed their life. No matter how much you like beauty, everyone has a things that they cannot live without. These are the holy-grail beauty products of your very own Pres girls.


Aquaphor Immediate Relief Lip Repair


“This chapstick isn’t heavy but keeps your lips smooth for the rest of the day”

-Kathy Barajas ‘20


Beauty Blender


“This spreads foundation really easily and makes everything really even”

-Alexandra Villavert ‘20


Anastasia Brow Powder


“I can’t go anywhere without doing my eyebrows and this stays on all day”

Pilar Mellon-Reyes ‘19


Anastasia Brow Wiz


“It’s creamy, so it gets all the lines I want . It makes my eyebrows look more natural”

Kammi Tsukamoto ‘19


Precisely My Brow


“I don’t feel complete without my eyebrows; I like that this is thin so you can be more precise”

Kylie Holmboe ‘20


Benefit Roller Lash


“I feel incomplete without it”

Sela Nequist ‘20


Unite 7second Shampoo and Conditioner


“It makes my hair super soft and smooth”

Grace Franklin ‘22


FAB Skincare set


“I really like the FAB skincare products because they are really good to keep dry skin hydrated. It also keeps my skin clear and glowy”

Meghan Pearl ‘22


Face Shop Eyebrow Pencil


“Eyebrows are the focal point of your face and everyone looks good with nice brows”


Hailey Franz ‘21