Lunar New Year Horoscopes

Lunar New Year Horoscopes

Valerie Wu, Features Editor

2018 is the Year of the Dog, which means many more opportunities for growth in love, academics, finances, and more! Check out what’s in store for you these next few months.

Rabbit (Birth Year 1999)

As someone born in the year of the rabbit, your hardworking nature makes it easy for you to set high expectations for yourself, especially in academics. Your lucky numbers are 3, 4, and 6, so try to aim for test scores that have one of those numbers. (Don’t rely on them too much, though: a 93 is always better than a 63, even if 63 has an extra lucky number.)  Even in those times when you can’t achieve the numbers you wish, don’t worry! Your ability to persevere and work hard will carry you well through the rest of this year.

Watch out for setting high expectations in your love life. Unattainable goals usually lead to disappointment. Rather, focus on inching forward that relationship one step at a time. Be patient–progress doesn’t always come in numbers!

Dragon (Birth Year 2000)

Did you know Jesus Christ was (allegedly) born in the year of the dragon? That’s right; you share the same Zodiac as one of the Holy Trinity. While 2018 is looking good for you in terms of embracing challenges (maybe it’s helping the oppressed, turning water into wine, or just doing better on that next chemistry test), make sure to stay aware of mental health and not do too much.

Your relationship will also take a toll on your health this year. Try to resolve difficulties early on, as a relationship is like your grade throughout the semester. Talk through issues before they become bigger problems, and you’ll find that even though you may not get an A-plus at the end, you can rest knowing that you tried your best.

Snake (Birth Year 2001)

The Year of the Dog is really just a synonym for “cut toxic people out of your life 2018.” This year, press “delete” on all of those friends that prevent you from progressing. Someone will try to undermine your success this year, so watch out for that girl behind you who keeps trying to peek at your math quiz.

That being said, 2018 is looking pretty good for you in terms of love and fortune, which you should definitely use to your full advantage. Take some time for self-care, whether that’s those $20 face masks, Pres bread each day for a whole week, or sending that risky text—you never know what might happen!

As all of us CRP-writers know, the “delete” button isn’t always bad. More often that not, it makes room for new words—or people.

Horse (Birth Year 2002)

Gatsby may not have been born as a Horse, but he had the dreams of one. While he never quite managed to reach that green light, that doesn’t mean you won’t. 2018 is a year of reconciliation with the past, which means that all your ambitious childhood dreams may just come true. Say hello to that concert you’ve always wanted to go to, or a reunion with that crush you just really liked back in middle school. Hopefully, what’s in the past doesn’t have to stay there (insert heart eyes emoji).

Sheep (Birth Year 2003)

Being a sheep is never baa-d. In fact, your career’s looking pretty good this year. While your indecisive nature makes it easy for you to fall victim to others who are more assertive than you, your strength in interpersonal communication will pave the way for greater success. This year, try to avoid tasks that force competition and take on more creative work! This will benefit both your mind and soul.

On the other hand, your love life will take a nosedive these next few months. It’s important to remember that maintaining a steady power dynamic should be of utmost priority. If it isn’t working out, don’t push it! Sometimes, gaining one thing means losing another. Don’t worry though: it’ll all work out in the end.