A Homeroom Thanksgiving

Heather Jacobson, Reporter

There is nothing Pres girls love more than good grades, good causes, and food. Vice Principal and homeroom teacher Tim Case and homeroom teacher Kristin Schneider capitalized on this knowledge by throwing a Thanksgiving feast for their shared homeroom on October 17, 2017.

In response to winning Mag Drive yet again, students in 12C were rewarded with a fantastic four-course meal. Case and Schneider pushed aside their academic responsibilities and became chefs for the day.

This feast has become a tradition for Case’s homeroom since 2008. Every year that they win they are rewarded with food.

For the Thanksgiving meal, Case and Schneider created a traditional menu. All of the dishes except for the turkey cranberry sliders were from family recipes of both staff members. Case noted, “[My signature dish] in particular is the vegetarian dish. It’s the stuffed roasted butternut squash. Ms.Schneider is very much the potatoes au gratin.”

The work that went into preparing such a great meal was not unnoticed. Senior Nicole Morgan said, “I thought that it was so thoughtful of them to put in the effort and time to make the whole meal from scratch to reward us for our work.”  Indeed, Case and Schneider spent a whole day in the Jenvey house cooking in preparation for the feast.

Many students have raved about this meal, and for good reason. This tradition is unique to this homeroom, but should others do this too? “No. I don’t think it’s an expectation and I don’t think kids should have the expectation it’s something that should be there… It would be hard for me to say all teachers should do this,” Case responded. He added that although it has been effective for motivating his students to win, there are financial costs that come with it.

In the spirit of giving, food is an ideal option for Pres students. Its powers are evidential through the success of Case and Schneider’s homeroom.