Fashion Show Student Designers

Olivia Catelani

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Freshman Designer: Kylie Holmboe

Model: Emma Fontana

The Voice: What inspired this dress?

KH: Vintage, Vogue-type 60’s, but with new colors.

The Voice: Do you have any plans to be a fashion designer?

KH: I want to start my own line of wedding dresses.


Sophomore Designer: Chloe Fehr

Model: Bridget Menne

The Voice: How long have you been sewing/creating clothes?

CF: I learned how to sew when I was ten years old because I took a class, and my mom taught me because she has a degree in fashion design.

The Voice: What inspired this dress?

CF: I was inspired by one of the dresses last year where she took off the skirt and its was pants underneath. I just wanted something that changed.


Junior Designer: Elizabeth Martin

Model: Carson Myers

The Voice: What is your favorite part about being a student designer at Pres?

EM: Getting to walk with the model, it’s such a rush!

The Voice: Do you have future plans to become a fashion designer?

EM: I want to do something with costume design and film.


Senior Designer: Bianca Shaw

Model: Elizabeth Tapia

The Voice: What inspired this dress?

BS: For this year, I just wanted a big bow and European fashion.

The Voice: What is your favorite part about being a student designer?

BS: We’re appreciated by the audience. Last year, people wanted to buy my dress, and that’s super uplifting.

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