Best Jobs in the Bay


Courtesy of Creative Commons

                Spring break comes with the sounds of teenagers everywhere printing off copies of their resumes in the hopes of finding a job in time for summer. Need a little insight on where to look for jobs this year?  The Voice has you covered. According to a student survey and feedback from Pres’ very own working girls, here are 10 of the best places to apply:

  1. Yogurt & Love

This adorable frozen yogurt shop is the perfect way to work while staying cool in the summer sun. Located in Los Gatos, this store prides itself on great customer service, so if you are considering this job, make sure you have strong people skills and a friendly personality! If the location seems like too much of a commute, check out other fro-yo stores like Yogurtland or Willow Glen Frozen Yogurt Co.

  1. Razzberry Lips

Want a step up from your usual babysitting gigs while indulging on your love for makeup? Then this place is perfect for you! Razzberry Lips, located in Los Gatos, hosts birthday parties for young girls where employees can give girls makeovers, ear piercings, and fun accessories while also acting as a store with glamorous accessories for purchase. Make sure you can handle working with little kids!

  1. Pizza My Heart

Everybody loves pizza, I mean it’s basically a proven fact. If you want to surround yourself in pizza while earning money in a chill and fun environment, this restaurant should certainly be at the top of your list. Be aware that you will definitely have to handle busy nights and hungry customers, but the employee discount on pizza is totally worth it! Multiple locations throughout the South Bay.

  1. Hollister

This retail store with clothes inspired by California beach style allows you to work with other teenagers organizing and selling clothes, and to be in a mall environment, where there’s always plenty to do on break. This job is perfect if you enjoy working with people and are comfortable in sales. Plus employees get discounts on Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch brand clothing!

  1. Los Gatos Theatre

This quaint theatre in the heart of Los Gatos is a fun and relaxed job. There are only two theatres, so if both movies are playing the work is pretty low maintenance. Employees also get free movies and major discounts on concession foods. Can you say bring on the popcorn?

  1. Nothing Bundt Cakes

If you have a sweet tooth then pop over to this cake shop on Meridian Ave. in Willow Glen to check out if they are hiring. Employees sell deliciously crafted cakes, so make sure you have strong sales skills and an affinity for desserts!

  1. Black Sheep Brasserie

This newly opened restaurant provides a fine dining experience right here in Willow Glen. Waitressing or hostessing is  a great experience to see how a fast paced job environment works. Not hiring? Then scope out The Table or Willow Street Pizza for more restaurant jobs.

  1. Trudy’s

If you do not want to wait until summer to sign up for a job, then head over to Trudy’s just in time to sell dresses during prom season! Employees get to act as personal shoppers and help customers find their perfect dress. Also, workers get a 15% discount on all dresses.

  1. Walden West

Many of us probably remember Walden West from our middle school science camp days, but now high schoolers can return to Walden West as camp counselors for the summer program. This is a volunteer job, so counselors do not get paid. However, the job is super fun and rewarding. You get to work with little kids and spend the summer outside participating in favorite activities!

  1. Dolce Spazio

This small ice cream shop in Los Gatos is a chill work environment with friendly coworkers and bosses. Be warned that the popular gelato shop can get crowded, but learning how to work in a fast paced environment is great experience! The perk of this job is that employees get up to  two gelatos per shift. I mean how sweet is that?