Instagram For Dummies


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We all know the basic terms for Instagram like WCW or TBT, but all of a sudden there are all these different terms popping up. Between all the different types of accounts, everyone is getting a little confused. So here’s a breakdown of all the types of Instagram accounts you can have.


  1. Public: If you’re an aspiring celebrity, then you’ll probably have a public account. Of course, you must buy a Canon camera, download Afterlight and VSCO for aesthetic-making, and become a model. You need to show the world that your photo taking and modeling is the absolute best. And maybe one day you will get enough sponsors to buy yourself a decent meal.
  2. Private: The private account is for those girls who are just too paranoid to post their pictures publicly. There is no doubt in their minds that colleges, employers and even the FBI are spying on them through their social media. Maybe worst of all, they are trying to hide their Instagram from their parents.
  3. Second Accounts: You already have your main Instagram account, where you post perfectly edited pictures of yourself. So of course you need a second one to truly reveal your inner goblin. Or you need a second account to show your zealous fans more about your exciting life. Often people will call these ‘spam accounts’ because they abuse their picture posting privileges to spam ugly pictures of themselves to their friends’ feeds.