Netflix Show Must-Sees

  • Full House – “Our Very First Christmas Show”
    • Full House is a classic that nobody wants to miss. Face it, we all need a yearly dose of the man hunk John Stamos.
  • Friends – “The One With the Holiday Armadillo”
    • There are so many to choose from in the long list of Christmas episodes. The holiday armadillo made it to the top frankly because Joey looked absolutely adorable in his Superman costume.
  • How I Met Your Mother – “The Final Page” Part 1 and 2
    • The first half of part 1 is both amazing and hilarious. Barney was jinxed by Marshall in the first part of the episode, not allowing him to speak. Wow. Almost an entire episode where Barney can’t speak. The play book must feel so lonely. And that kids, is how I – JINX.
  • American Horror Story – “Unholy Night”
    • American Horror Story is best known for its grotesque scenes and shockingly funny humor. “Unholy Night” didn’t fail us. Complete with Lana and her brave acts and Kit’s weird relationship with Alma and Grace, “Unholy Night” is a must see. If not, Sister Jude will make sure we do.  
  • Pretty Little Liars – “How the A Stole Christmas”
    • An obvious pun on “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” even people who don’t watch Pretty Little Liars would understand the reference, but those of us who thoroughly enjoy the chase after A would tell them that they are truly missing out on a gift.
  • Supernatural – “A very Supernatural Christmas”
    • Now, all you Supernatural fans can recite this episode line by line. It was probably one of the most childhood revealing shows in the entire season. We see a background into Sam and Dean’s life and show why they’re “wayward sons.” And, I mean, who can say no to the king of hell?
  • Modern Family – “Express Christmas”
    • Sadly, this modern family is going to have trouble spending the holidays together. The best solution? Divide and Conquer! Each person is paired up and given a specific task to do. A whole mess of things happen like Phil getting tasered, Gloria running over hard earned trees, and Haley’s less than honorable toy shopping skills, but Jay is always there to save the day with a winter wonderland.
  • Psych – “Christmas Joy”
    • For all those Psychics out there, you might disagree with me when I say that this is the best Christmas episode they came up with, but I stand firm with my decision. We all love Shawn and Jules, but let’s be real. The real dream team is Shawn and Gus, or better known as “Magic Head.” In this episode, we all experienced some serious feels when the Gusters accepted him into their family and forgave him for an, admittedly, awful thing he did. Christmas Joy indeed.