PLL: Stop Lying to Me!

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I have loved Pretty Little Liars since the day it began, all those years ago. But I think that we can all agree that PLL should have ended after the last season finale.

If you have not seen the final episode of the summer season and plan on watching it, then stop reading right this second, because from now on there will  be spoilers.

In the summer season finale, the identity of Charles, who was posing as the anonymous figure, A, was finally revealed. It turns out that Cece, Alison’s friend since season one, is none other than Charles. When Charles was a young boy, he decided that he didn’t to be a little boy anymore; she felt more like herself in clothes that Alison would wear.

In this surprising plot twist, some audiences were upset and thought that Pretty Little Liars was being insensitive to the transgender community. In reality, there was only a small group of people who were actually upset at the transgender plot twist; more people were upset about who and how and why.

Cece has been in the show since season three, where she was introduced as one of Alison’s friends. She shows up randomly throughout the rest of the seasons helping Alison. She ends up killing Detective Wilden and then leaves the U.S, but the season finale says otherwise.

I think people were most angry at the fact that loyal fans have been watching the show since 2010, and now in 2015 we finally found out who A is, but now they have thrown yet ANOTHER plot twist at us; what else can we expect? I personally was most upset at the fact that in the last 30 seconds of the episode, they fast forward five years, to a new tormentor. WHY?!

They easily could have ended the show after this season, and I honestly think that it would have been a better idea than to sign for another season and a half. I am excited, however, to see what twists and turns the writers take us on in the next chapter of the liars’ lives, but I think that these girls deserve a break.