Beauty and the Beast: Pres’ New Take on a Childhood Classic

Tisha Lwin, A&E Editor

Since you have already seen the movie, why should you come see Beauty and the Beast in the Valenzuela Theater this fall? To be amazed by Pres’ unique take on this childhood classic.

We all have nostalgia for the original animated film, and Director Jim Houle decided to update it by taking the production to “the dark side.” Pres’ version focuses on the dark human emotions of the characters, which will be brought to life by our phenomenally talented leads.

Senior Meaghan Schapelhouman, who plays Belle, says the show is “one of the most beautiful productions that we’ve ever put on.” Since this is her fourth and final year in the fall musical, Schapelhouman is both sentimental and excited for this performance.

The set and costumes will reflect the dark theme through the blacks and greys of the castle and browns of the town. Houle describes them, with his characteristic understatement, as “the most elaborate sets and costumes for this show ever in the history of this theater.”

This year’s larger cast will make for dynamic large group numbers, such as “Gastón” and “Be Our Guest.” The stage will be completely full of students, many of whom are having their first time in a production.

“I’m most excited about the big group numbers because we really put a lot of effort into them and they look pretty cool,” said Sophomore Allison Dosdos. If you are still not convinced, Dosdos hopes you come see the show because “it’s a family friendly show and I think we have a new take on the performance.”

The show is running from November 4-5, 10-12 and 16-19, so make sure to get your tickets on the Pres website before they sell out!