ITS Fall Concert Steals the Show


The ITS Concert is performed every year as the International Thespian Society’s charity event. The charity that is benefited changes every year, and this year the concert was called Concert for Education, where all the proceeds go to the Presentation Sisters in Nicaragua to help them build a school.

The acts in the concert ranged everywhere from duets, to dance solos, to group numbers, to scenes, to a preview from the upcoming musical, Chicago. Many students, parents, and teachers put in countless hours to put this concert on. The five ITS officers, seniors Lydia Savelli, Orla Hannon, Lexi Catipon, Paige Trevisan, and Aradhna Bulchand-Ashrani, had been working to get this concert going since early September for a one-night-only concert on October 2, 2015.

As a part of the cast for this year’s concert, I can honestly say that it was a blast. The officers had everything so under control, and the whole show turned out to be fantastic. This year, I performed a number from Chicago with Isabelle Dosdos as a little preview for the musical opening in November.

It was so much fun to be able to show the audience just a little taste of what the cast of Chicago and I have been working on since late August. On top of the performance being a really fun time, backstage was really great too because I got to perform with some of my closest friends and some people that I have worked very closely with over my years in the performing arts department.

I never really get stage fright on stage because you can’t really see anyone’s faces because the lights are so bright, but the thing I find exhilarating is the fact that I knew how many people were there, and how many of them were there to support me and the rest of the performers.

I can always feel the energy from the audience and that is my favorite part of performing, especially on the Presentation stage. Also, the comfort of performing with peers is really nice. Saarini Madhava and her mother performed a dance, so how much more comfortable can you get than performing with your mom?

Some of my other favorite acts were senior Karin Naragon and Bellarmine senior Brady O’Hara performing a cover mash-up of Taylor Swift’s songs “Style” and “Blank Space,” the finale of the show, which was the famous Beatles song “Let it Be,” and the scene that was adapted and performed from the old TV show Saved By the Bell.

Overall, Concert for Education was a really positive experience for me, as well as the cast and crew of the show. We raised over $1,000 for the Sisters and could not be more proud of the performance that we gave.