Cinematic Cheese-fest


Lauren Thomason, Reporter

In April, romance lovers received the gift of two romance movies:The Longest Ride and The Age of Adaline. One about a very young girl and one about a very old girl (107 years old to be exact) who each meet a man that changes her world. Although the movies may be under the same category, they are nothing alike.

The Longest Ride is Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel to be made into a movie. This tired romantic flick tells the story of college sorority girl/art lover, Sophia (Britt Robertson), falling in love with the North Carolinian bull rider, Luke (Scott Eastwood)… Don’t accountants ever fall in love?

This movie displays just about every cliché in the book as the classic Romeo and Juliet scenario plays out. However, unlike the classic Shakespearean tale, the story of these star-crossed lovers starts out a bit differently as during his first and seemingly last date with Sophia, Luke courageously saves an old man from his car that was about to go up in flames. From that moment, the movie switches between the love story of Luke and Sophia and flashbacks of the car crash victim, Ira (Alan Alda), and his wonderful wife Ruth (Oona Chaplin).

The movie was very much predictable as the story of young Ira (Jack Huston) and Ruth foreshadows the relationship between Luke and Sophia. Not only does Ruth just so happen to have been an art enthusiast just as Sophia, but upon first meeting Ira, he happens to say something to the not-yet-formed couple that convinces them to give themselves a chance at dating despite Sophia’s impending move to New York.

Although the movie will never be deserving of an Oscar, it is certainly perfect for a girl’s night in or if you’re looking to curl up on the couch with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and some tissues (it’s Nicholas Sparks, so of course you’ll need tissues). The cute intertwining love stories are certainly enough to satisfy that need for a good cliché.

The Age of Adaline follows the life of Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) as she goes through the world as the woman who stopped aging at 29. Despite its science fiction premise, this movie is clearly a romance as it focuses on her encounters with a man by the name of Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman).

Although the story centers around her love story with Huisman’s character, The Age of Adaline is interesting just because of its premise. The way in which Adaline becomes ageless is described in very scientific terms that make the situation seem more real, despite the fact that it is clearly impossible. In addition, the problems she faces seem very pertinent to her situation. She must assume a new identity every few years and she fears the possibility of falling in love because she will never be capable of growing old with someone.

Lively’s character works at a public library while her latest love interest is a philanthropic man who donates books there in order to impress her. Their story starts when they meet in an elevator and, although Adaline is wary of seeming unattached, Ellis finds her intriguing and is determined to pursue her.

They make an adorable habit out of going on dates to unusual places in an attempt to go somewhere their counterpart has never been before, even though this is seemingly impossible with Adaline’s 107 years of experience and Ellis’s deep appreciation for the city of San Francisco.

After going through the adventures of meeting Ellis’s parents, which is much more interesting than it sounds, she thinks of not if, but when she should leave Ellis as she knows that there is no way for them to work out with her condition. The movie ends shortly after she decides when to leave with an unpredictable twist that gives the viewers a perfect sense of conclusion.

Overall, this movie is perfect for a girl’s night out. In fact, on the night I saw it, I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single man in the theater, so it’s unlikely you’ll meet your Prince Charming there. Regardless of its chick-flick nature, The Age of Adaline is a movie worth seeing and Blake Lively’s performance and top-notch outfits will consistently keep you entertained.