Enough with The DUFF

Enough with The DUFF

Isabel Ibarra, Community Editor

There is a new comedy out in theatres today that has every high school teen asking himself or herself the same question: Am I a DUFF? The DUFF, based off a book of the same name by Kody Keplinger, is about a high school girl, Bianca, who seeks to rid herself of the newest label: “Designated Ugly Fat Friend,” or in short, “DUFF.”

The storyline kicks off when Bianca (Mae Whitman) finds out from her childhood friend, Wesley (Robbie Amell), that she is considered a DUFF because she has better-looking friends. Bianca is offended by this label and seeks to do whatever she can to remove her status as a “DUFF” and finally talk to her crush, Toby. She makes a deal with the classic football-player Wesley: he will help her remove the label in exchange for her help in raising his science grade. And so the predictable comedy begins.

After going to see The DUFF myself, I can say that there were some parts that weren’t quite as bad as I expected. In some ways, the movie was a cute rom-com that had the audience going “awwww” at the sweet moments. On the other hand, there were scenes that had me cowering from the horribly awkward moments that were meant to be comedic.

It’s pretty obvious that all the promotion for the movie and the film itself has been trying to create a new label, “DUFF,” to be used in daily conversation. Sorry to break it to them, but it’s likely this word will never be used among high school students. Stop trying to make DUFF happen, producers; it’s never going to happen.

Another annoyance I had is that the movie-makers are trying to promote a term that promotes the humiliation of curvier people . In a world working to make all people feel comfortable with their bodies, this movie puts them back down with this term. Furthermore, the actress who plays the main character, Mae Whitman, is neither ugly nor fat, which is raising the already high standards set for teenage girls.

All seriousness set aside, The DUFF is one of those movies that looks so stupid while you are watching it, but afterwards, you realize that it was actually fairly entertaining. Mae Whitman definitely played the part well, and you couldn’t help but like Amell’s interpretation of the character, Wesley. While a comedy, there were some truths in the movie and even some parts you might be able to relate to.

If you and your friends are looking for a light-hearted, stupid-but-entertaining comedy for your Saturday night outing, The DUFF is the movie for you. You will laugh, you will cringe whenever Bianca is a little crazy, and you will smile at the cute, romantic scenes. And as you walk out of the movie theater, you will ask yourself the same thing every other audience member is thinking: Am I a DUFF? And probably in some way or another, the answer will be yes.