Presentation’s The Music Man Review

Marie Hayes , Co-Managing Editor

The Music Man is one of my favorite musicals. I can still remember the first time I saw the movie adaptation when I was eight. I instantly fell in love with the characters and the warm small town charm that runs throughout the movie. The Presentation cast and crew did a wonderful job with The Music Man  and captured the charisma that I originally fell in love with when I was younger.

There are two casts: the blue cast and the red cast.  Both casts had individual distinctions that made each performance unique and wonderful in their own rights. Seniors Lauren Chivers and Laura Powers play the independent, smart and charming Marian the Librarian. Both actors brought out different quirks of Marian’s character and make her their own.

The titular main character Harold Hill, played by Willow Glen senior Alex Van Ark and Bellarmine senior Ryan Remmel, is fast talking, sneaky and all-around charming. The audience was instantly drawn to him despite his trickery; both Alex and Ryan could sell me instruments any time.

In every town there is always the grumpy old mayor and his crazy wife; River City is no different. Mayor Shinn, played by Bellarmine junior Dominic Mattiello, is lovably irritable and constantly suspicious of Harold Hill. His wife, Euline Shinn, played by junior Tori Baroni and Kalisse Aljouny, is flamboyant, grand and an awful singer and dancer. These characters add an element of comedy to the musical.

Marcellus, played by a Senior at Bellarmine Eli Gordan, is Harold Hill’s charming old friend who helps Harold with his scheme. Ethel Toffelmeyer, played by sophomore Arya Bhide, is Eli’s wife who can be defined as bubbly and light.

Zaneeta and Tommy, played by senior Chloe Fehr and Joshua Frojelin, bring a blossoming young love to the stage. Finally, Marian’s mother, Mrs. Paroo, played by Kalisse Aljouny and Tori Baroni, is the strong-willed Irish woman who brings a little comedy and warmth to the play as well.

The young children that joined the show were incredibly talented and really stole the stage. Winthrop and Amaryllis, played by Donovan Cozart and Allie Coleman, were incredibly sweet and played their roles well.

Although the lead roles shine bright on stage, I felt the supporting cast was my favorite part of the play. Each individual had their own personality which really hit home with the eccentricity of River City, the town the play is set in.

The singing was absolutely on point (wait till you hear the school board sing). The large dance scenes blew me away with the old school large scale choreography.

Huge props to the tech team headed by Rebecca Zane. The transition from scene to scene was flawless.

All in all, The Music Man is two thumbs up and great family fun.