4 Conspiracy Theories You Might Not Have Heard Of

Amanda Teano

Flight MH370

Photo Courtesy of Reddit

Did the missing 2014 Malaysia Air flight MH370 meet nonhuman forces and finally make contact earlier this year? In mid-March, Twitter user @strayedaway posted a video of a voicemail they received. Many speculated that it was a black box recording (a message sent out from planes in danger) with the message: “Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human.” Following the message, a series of numbers were read off — coordinates that pointed to the general area where the flight is said to have disappeared. Other online accounts have come forward and contacted the user and those who have read and commented on the conspiracy theory speaking in code and other languages telling them to take down the Tweets and to be wary of a unspecified them that is coming.

Lea Michele is Illiterate

Has the Broadway and Glee star not been able to read or write this whole time?

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images

In July of 2017, the One More Thing Podcast held a Facebook livestream and gave a presentation as to why actress and singer, Lea Michele, cannot read and has kept her secret with help of friends and coworkers over the years. The theory got its roots from her early Broadway career, which prevented her from going to school and learning how to read and write. The theory goes on to say that Michele survived on shows like Glee and Scream Queens because she was read her lines by show creator Ryan Murphy and phonetically learns songs until memorization. The One More Thing Podcast also does an in depth investigation into her Twitter and Instagram, claiming that her friends and peers help her write her captions or otherwise Michele utilizes emojis.

Mattress Stores are a Coverup for Drugs

Photo Courtesy of BusinessInsider

Why would an area need more than one mattress store? One popular conspiracy theory is that mattress stores are a route for laundering money. Upon seeing multiple mattress stores on contiguous streets, theorists were dubious about their appearance. A single mattress lasts a long time—no one needs to buy a mattress that often. So why are there three Mattress Firm stores within half a mile on Stevens Creek Blvd. near Valley Fair? Have you ever been to a mattress store that was very busy with people? This theory states that the reason for these thriving stores is the money from drug dealing that gets pumped through them.  A podcast by Freakonomics estimated that there were 9,200 mattress stores in the USA — which is quite a lot compared to the fact that there are 13,930 Starbucks stores in the USA, according to Statista. Allegedly, the employees and management receive the money going through this ‘legitimate business.’

The Emoji Movie’s Government Connection

Photo Courtesy of IndieWire

Was there a deeper, more sinister reason why the cringe-worthy, kid flick The Emoji Movie was ever put into production? For those of you who didn’t bother to see this movie, there’s a world of living emojis that live inside a young boy’s generic-not-an-iPhone-but-definitely-an-iPhone phone — much like the Wreck-It-Ralph universe. Amongst the normal emojis who have one permanent emotion, there’s an outlier: the ‘Meh’ emoji. When all is said and done, the ‘Meh’ emoji is able to be fun and creative with his face, and the young boy is able to send this specialized emoji to his crush. YouTube channel Lockstin & Gnoggin and Matthew Byrd at Screenrant say that this movie was funded by Apple to prime people to the idea of customizable emojis, which leads to this theory. Apple released the iPhone X late last year which offered the entertaining feature of the Animoji, which uses the facial recognition technology to imitate the expressions of the user. This would mean The Emoji Movie was made to groom people into wanting their phone to scan their faces into Apple’s database. Jake Laperruque at Wired reasons that Apple’s FaceID feature of the iPhone should worry some, as it would be the perfect way to create a form of mass spying government surveillance. He goes on to also say “there’s only so much [Apple] could do if its objections [to releasing that information] to an order were turned down by the courts.”