Student Spotlight: Fantastic Fluting from Jessica Wei

Briana Gallo, Reporter

You have all heard her. You have all seen her, but how well do you know senior Jessica Wei, the flute player, from our schoolwide masses? The Voice has interviewed her to see what is behind her often unappreciated talent.


The Voice: How long have you been playing the flute?

JW: About seven years now.


The Voice: How often do you play outside of Lit Band?

JW: I used to play it a lot up until eighth grade, and then by the time I got into Presentation there wasn’t a lot of time given the amount of work that we have so unfortunately I haven’t played a lot. But I still also play for the Jazz Band here.


The Voice: Why did you start playing?

JW: It was kind of an inspiration from my brother. He used to play clarinet a lot and he does it really well.


The Voice: How many instruments do you play proficiently?

JW: Probably only two because piano I’ve forgotten most of it. The piccolo is basically the same thing as a flute. So that’s like two.


The Voice: Do you have a favorite memory from playing the flute?

JW: It’s got to be the San Jose Youth Symphony Summer Band Camp. That was really fun.


The Voice: How long were you in the San Jose Youth Symphony?

JW: I was in that one for one year and then I tried out for California Youth Symphony.


The Voice: What music do you listen to?

JW: Anything that is not like hardcore metal.


The Voice: What has been your biggest challenge as a flute player?

JW: Probably just performing in front of people. Like even during masses, especially if I have a part that is different from everyone else, I am most scared of messing up.


The Voice: Have you ever been hired to play the flute?

JW: Once by Ms. Schrader actually. I was hired to play at the Easter mass in which I kind of screwed up 90% of it. I wasn’t hired again.


The Voice: Who is your musical role model that inspires you?

JW: My former flute teacher. Her name is Natalie. She is probably the one who I looked up to the most.


The Voice: How long do you plan to continue playing after you graduate?

JW: I’ll probably just play for fun for the rest of my life. I don’t plan to go into a band when I go to college either because music majors are hard to compete with.


The Voice: What has motivated you to continue playing and become so talented?

JW: It is just my love for music. I generally like listening to music and all sorts of music and I usually also just like to compose random songs in my head that I never remember afterwards anyways. But I always feel like it’s soothing to play as well. It’s a hobby more than it’s something I have to do and I just want to keep that up.


The Voice: What is something people do not know about you?

JW: I’m not as proficient as people think I am at all. Maybe I’m just being modest, but I’m pretty sure I’m not. But I guess I’m a normal girl like everyone else.