The Award Season Downlow


Samantha Denny, Writer

After everyone has settled into the new year, February rolls around and with it come the Grammys and the Oscars.  Our favorite songs and movies are put up for awards, and the stars come to the red carpet dressed to impress.  

The Grammys kicked off the 2017 award season, with artists like Rihanna and Katy Perry making waves as they arrived.  Rihanna showed off a tattoo across her chest while wearing a two-piece dress that consisted of an orange top and a low black skirt, and Katy Perry rocked a metallic silver dress that matched her newly dyed blonde hair.  While these and other artists stunned on the red carpet, other artists sported interesting and more debatable looks, like CeeLo Green and his entirely gold ensemble and Lady Gaga’s bold black outfit complete with fishnets and a top that displayed her stomach and the lower part of her chest, a new trend referred to as underboob.  

This year, Adele won Album, Record, and Song of the year as well as Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop Vocal Performance.  She beat out Beyonce’s Lemonade for Album of the Year, but Beyonce went on to win the Grammys for Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Music Video.  

While many fans were disappointed with Beyonce’s inability to clinch the Best Album of the Year Grammy, Adele, mentioned Beyonce in her speech, questioning what Beyonce has to do to win a Grammy for Best Album before literally breaking her own award in half to share with Beyonce.

Adele also earned widespread social media support after performing a tribute to the late George Michael and restarting the song, stating her wish to make it perfect for him.  Additionally, Beyonce dazzled audiences with her stunning dress and her songs “Sandcastles” and “Love Drought” from her album Lemonade.

Other memorable winners include 21 Pilots accepting their Grammy for Best Group in their boxers, a reference to when they watched the Grammys years before becoming famous and suggested that they accept their award without their pants if they ever won.  The late artist David Bowie also won Best Rock Album and Song, Best Alternative Music Album, and Best Engineered Non-Classical Album for his album Blackstar and the song of the same name.  

Two weeks after the Grammys, we were setting our DVRs to record the Oscars Ceremony.  On the red carpet, actresses like Felicity Jones, Taraji P. Henson, and Janelle Monae strutted their stuff with a variety of dresses decorated with glitter and gems to show off their beauty.  Actor Jackie Chan arrived with stuffed pandas toting UNICEF badges, and actors like Riz Ahmed and Mahershala Ali walked the red carpet dressed just as well as the actresses.

We witnessed history this year at the Oscars when Mahershala Ali became the first Muslim actor to win an Oscar for his supporting role in Moonlight.  Hidden Figures was unable to win a single Oscar in the categories they were nominated for, but Viola Davis managed to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the movie Fences, where she played opposite Denzel Washington.  

Additionally, the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them secured an Oscar for Best Costume Design, making it the first Harry Potter film to win an Oscar.  Disney also secured multiple wins with the Oscars for Visual Effects for The Jungle Book, Animated Short Film for Piper, and Animated Feature Film for Zootopia.  

As many people predicted, La La Land won several but not all of the categories they were nominated for, with the Oscars for Cinematography, Directing, Original Score Music, Best Original Song for “City of Stars”, Production Design, and Emma Stone won Best Actress.  The film was nominated for Best Picture, and presenter Faye Dunaway announced them as the winners, but it was revealed that Beatty was given the wrong envelope and that the actual winner of the Oscar for Best Picture was Moonlight, which also won the Oscar for Adapted Screenplay Writing.  

Viewers were also kept in stitches by host Jimmy Kimmel, who provided plenty of laughs with jokes and a goofy rivalry with actor Matt Damon, whom he dubbed his nemesis.  The two spent time pretending to go after each other, including Matt Damon keeping one foot in the aisle as Kimmel walked down in an attempt to trip him and Kimmel having the orchestra play the music to drown Damon out and play him off the stage, despite the fact that Damon was presenting with Ben Affleck.  Overall, audiences tuning into the Grammy and Oscar Awards this year were treated to great outfits, greater performances, and entertaining antics of the hosts.  This was the kind of material that we all hope to see with award shows of this caliber, and we hope that next year’s award shows will top what we saw this year.