Words That Should Come Back Into Style


I asked teachers to suggest these words to me, and then students and other staff members to share why they think these words deserve to make a comeback.


So choice: (adj) Describes something awesome that you would hands-down choose over other things

  • Ex. The cookies from the center are so choice!
  • Why? “I am apparently the only person who thinks this word should come back into style but it totally should because it sounds super chill and hip!” – Anonymous

Go postal: (v) To go crazy or become violent

  • Ex. My mom went totally postal last night when she saw my quarter progress report!
  • Why? “Because it’s totally legit! The craziness is so much that it doesn’t just travel by word of mouth, but by mail” – Anonymous

Truck: (v) To go someplace (usually with your squad)

  • Ex. Come on guys, we have to truck now or we’ll be late to the mixer!
  • Why? “Trucking sounds like a much cooler way of inviting your friends to go do something. Imagine, ‘let’s go over to the movies’ vs. ‘let’s TRUCK over to the movies.’ So much cooler.” – Renuka Garg, Senior

Phony: (adj) Describes a two-faced or fake person

  • Ex. I can spot a phony Michael Kors bag from a mile away by the shoddy stitching and crooked logo.
  • Why? “In society now we use a lot of phones and people who use social media a lot often are phonies.” – Shellsy Rizo, Senior

Putz: (n) A fool

  • Ex. That guy who cut my off on Curtner was such a putz!
  • Why? “It’s super funny sounding, so it’s less offensive when you call someone it.” – Chau Nguyen, Freshman

Decent: (adj) Another word for good or awesome

  • Ex. That burrito from Aqui was so decent!
  • Why? “It’s a good description word. It’s like ‘You’ve got a shot, you’re decent!’” – Natalia Feinberg, Freshman

Kosher: (adj) Chill

  • Ex. Calm down, everything’s kosher.
  • Why? “Isn’t kosher like hot dogs?” – Tenisha Ciby, Freshman

Tubular: (adj) 80s surfer lingo for great

  • Ex. The Manthers Podcast was totally tubular this week!
  • Why? “Because everyone loves tubes; the internet is a series of tubes. If something is something isn’t tubular shaped, then it has jagged edges, and we all know that things with jagged edges are totally not cool.” – Brandon Garrett, Speech and Debate Director