Say ‘Yes’ to That Prom Dress!

Sangeet Brar, A&E Editor, Multimedia Editor

We all know of the classic prom dress stores like Macy’s or Trudys, but if you want to evade the prom dress rush that is happening in stores, then there are a lot of alternative sites where you can find beautiful and affordable prom dresses.

FAB Vogue Dress

FAB Vogue Dress has hundreds of dresses to choose from for any occasion. Their prom dresses are great because they come in all different sizes and colors. Plus, their prices are reasonable. Most of the dresses on their site are within $120, which is much more affordable than a dress from Trudy’s with the same design. Granted, the quality isn’t such that you’ll be able to pass these down to your grandkids, but would you want to anyway?

Dress Therapy

Dress Therapy is another alternate dress site where you can find new fashionable prom dresses. This site has a large collection of the newest prom dress styles and feature dresses from many different designers. Though prices are high, they make up for it with the unique designs that you won’t see on anyone else at school.


Promgirl is another website where you can find the perfect prom dress. With over 600 dresses just in the sale section, their selections are huge. Prices start at $30 for regular priced dresses and go up from there. They allow you to shop dresses by color, style, size, and designer. It’s a fast and easy site, and is great for the girls who hate to shop at the mall. You are sure to find a dress to suit you at Promgirl.

Rent The Runway

Rent The Runway is an app that has a large selection of dresses that you can rent for prom. Their prices are amazing. You can rent designer dresses for $70 when that dress’ retail price is around $600. The only downside is that you can only rent the dress, so those of you looking for a dress for fashion show and other proms won’t find one here.


Maybe you’ve seen this tiny store in its corner at Oakridge Mall, but if not, then Windsor is another store where you can find your prom dress. Though it has a limited selection within stores, the online site has many more dresses. Most of their dresses are within $200, so it is not as expensive as a traditional dress shop. The site even allows you to see how many likes a dress gets. If you enjoy tracking popular dresses and are looking to have the coolest dress of the night, then this feature will be perfect for you.

My Sis’ Dress

My Sis’ Dress is a small boutique store for second hand dresses for rent, located on Stevens Creek Blvd. Their dresses start at $60, and each dresses is dry cleaned and pressed before every rental. You can rent it for a period of three days and if you really fall in love with it, you can even purchase it from them. Their store prides itself on customer service and you can even set up an appointment with them Fridays through Sundays. If you’re not looking for a longterm dress and want a great deal, My Sis’ Dress is one store to definitely check out. Get more information on their site.