Diet Diversity


Asha Chandar, Reporter

Gluten-free and vegan foods should be served in our cafeteria. There are currently a few, but they are not always the healthiest or most filling.

Some people who are gluten-free have celiac disease. Celiac disease is when someone is allergic to wheat and other forms of gluten.

Although gluten-free items can be more expensive than items with gluten, they can be better for students who are unable to eat gluten. Having these items will give students a wider variety of options for their lunches if they choose not to bring one from home.

Some gluten-free options we can provide for students are sandwiches, pasta, and pizza. Most of the items we currently serve in the cafeteria can be substituted with gluten-free versions, as they have similar ingredients.

These options can be effective for students because it allows them to have something filling. The food will allow students to eat something they enjoy aside from salad or chips.

In fact, there is not much flavor difference between foods that contain gluten, and ones that do not.

There are also students who are vegan. A vegan is someone who does not consume any animal products. If the cafeteria serves vegan food it will give those who are vegan a wider variety of options than chips or other snacks. The vegan students will have an alternative to bringing food from home.

Some options for these students are pastas and burgers. There are quite a few items that can also be made vegan, as long as they do not include any animal products.

A few drawbacks from both of these is that the gluten-free items might be cross-contaminated and cause problems for those who have celiac disease. The vegan items might not be 100% vegan.

Overall, it can be beneficial to provide gluten-free or vegan items for the students. The prices are going to raise because some items are more expensive than others.

It can be necessary for some students to buy a lunch if they do not have time in the mornings to pack one for themselves.

Having more food options can lead to having healthier lunches for our students overall. Students can enjoy something that tastes similar to what they are used to eating, as well.