Dear Nano

Dusty Hill, Reporter, Photo Editor

Dear Nano,

I am so busy with homework, student council, speech and debate, fashion club, bella voce, and violin lessons that I never have time for my own health. I see fellow panthers doing 30-day juice cleanses and fancy bootcamp workout classes, but I’m too busy to find time.  How can I maintain a healthy lifestyle with my packed schedule?


Busy Beth


Hello Beth,

Allow me to simplify it for you: You don’t have to juice (I promise it is not as tolerable as health-enthusiasts claim) or spin your life (and bank account) away at SoulCycle to live a healthy life. Just include vegetables in every meal – preferably not deep fried – and aim to sweat every day. Even a jog once or twice around your block will do, but you can get creative with it. I got my exercise by chasing around all the young children that I taught! I know you are busy with all of the extracurriculars, but remember your health will outlast all of these resumé items. That may require you to make the tough decision to reduce your extracurricular workload in order to make time for yourself. Your physical health is closely related with your mental well being, and I guarantee you will reduce stress and perform better in school if your body is feeling its best.




Dear Nano,

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, and I know that I will struggle to afford holiday activities and purchasing presents. What can I do now to earn some extra money?


Financially-responsible Fanny

Greetings Fanny!

How smart of you to think ahead! While your age and schedule might prevent you from having a part time job, there are plenty of other ways to make some extra spending money for the holidays. What are your skills and what do you enjoy doing? If you excel in math or Spanish, consider tutoring younger kids from your middle school. If you love to play and watch soccer, consider becoming a junior referee. If you like spending time around children, ask parents in your neighborhood if they are interested in a babysitter. If you can’t find a job opportunity, make one, honey! Get creative and then enjoy your earnings over the holidays.


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