Spike-Bucks: Starbucks and Alcohol


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An unorthodox new kind of bar scene atmosphere

Non-fat mocha cream java whip upside down macchiato frappuccino–with a double shot of vodka? Starbucks, an institution that is synonymous with coffee, is beginning to sell alcohol– and girls everywhere literally can’t even.  

In 2010, Starbucks began piloting their idea of serving alcoholic drinks in a store in Seattle. After spreading to 26 other locations, Starbucks feels that it is time to take its new menu to the rest of the world.

Customers in New York, Denver, Miami, and even right here in the Bay Area will soon be experiencing a whole new kind of coffee bar. San Francisco alone will receive four of the 70 new alcohol-serving locations. The stores will serve a variety of artisan wines and beers to customers over 21 in what the company is calling “Starbucks Evenings.”

The food menu of said locations is said to expand too, encompassing entrée-like option such as truffle mac n cheese. This would make it so that with the wifi, air conditioning, and soothing background music, customers now never have to ever leave!

Alcohol brings a new kind of business to Starbucks, expanding their prime hours of sales well into the night. It also makes the whole business more lucrative as people spend more on alcohol than coffee.

These new changes will mainly affect underaged Pres girls in one way–the lines are expected to get much longer, much quicker. Gone will be the days when you could saunter in after school and immediately get your afternoon or nighttime caffeine fix.

Alcohol will only be a part of the menu after 4 p.m., so no wine with your morning coffee. Interestingly enough, there will be no designated space for alcohol consumption. You could easily be sipping coffee next to a woman with a glass of wine. If this isn’t your cup of tea, you should try the drive through.