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“Nguyen-sanity” Story Goes Viral

Tara Komar

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Several local and national media outlets were on campus today as reporters in search of a fresh story found it in the pages of this year’s yearbook.  There, on pages 37 and 38, eight Presentation seniors who share Nguyen as a last name collaborated on their senior quotes so that readers would see the following message: “We know what you’re thinking and, no, we’re not related.”

Students were abuzz as a camera crew from Inside Edition filmed shots of the girls posing in front of their lockers and signing yearbooks at a table in the courtyard, while a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News took photos.  The front office phone was ringing all morning as other media from around the country called to get the scoop.

“It was Nguyen-sanity,” said full time sub Catherine Furtado, who was working in the front office this morning.  “The phones haven’t stopped ringing all day.”

Students and teachers alike expressed surprise at how quickly the story went viral.  Yearbooks were distributed Monday, and several students who found the pages amusing posted a photo of them on Facebook and Tumblr.  From there, the photo found its way around the world, reaching the UK Daily Mail,, and the Huffington Post, where it had garnered nearly a million views by today.

“I think it’s insane how quickly it went viral,” said junior Amber Viado. “I was tracking it as it went from Facebook to Tumblr to the UK Daily Mail, and it was just crazy.”

The Nguyens’ original yearbook quotes were rather traditional, but late last semester the eight girls had the idea for the special message and requested a change. The yearbook editors liked the idea and were happy to accommodate them.

“The editor-in-chief and I are very grateful that we didn’t mess this up because we had no idea it would have such a big impact,” said Yearbook Managing Editor Michelle Chellino.  “It’s really important to the school and to the Nguyens, so we’re happy we were able to do this for them. It was nice to be a part of the experience.”

Any reporters who show up next week–finals week–in the hopes of interviewing the Nguyens might be disappointed.  Presentation seniors who earn an A in their class are exempt from the final exam. With solid grades, the Nguyens have been able to avoid many of their finals.  So the media might be here next week, but the newly famous  Nguyens won’t.

To read media coverage of the story and see the photo, click here.





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One Response to ““Nguyen-sanity” Story Goes Viral”

  1. ROY BUU NGUYEN on February 5th, 2016 3:31 pm

    There are so many “Nguyen” surnames in Vietnam, different from each other, and depending upon the “middle name”, like for instance Nguyen van..(Nguyen van Thieu, former President of defunct South Vietnam), Nguyen cao (Air vicemarshal Ky), Nguyen the.(Nguyen the Truyen, politician), Nguyen huu..(Nguyen huu Bai, mandarin), Nguyen duc (ducQuang, musician), Nguyen Ngoc (Tho, ex vicepresident), Nguyen cong (Tru, warrior/poet), or just Nguyen (Nguyen Du, illustrious poet/KimVanKieu)..and so on….Surname Nguyen could be taken by many supporters/followers to be associated with the Nguyen Rulers/Warlords who established the Nguyen Dynasty (ruling almost 400 years). A little special note is myself , a member of the Nguyen Phuc imperial family, my name should be Nguyen phuc Buu B.., thinking it’s too long, we had to shorten to Buu B. (the middle Buu is a rank for people to distinguish in the hierarchy).


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“Nguyen-sanity” Story Goes Viral