Yay Pants!


Kav Lakshmi, Reporter

Around campus, a few people are slowly starting to arrive in pants and are not getting UVs for their clothing. And that’s a good thing.

For the first time in history, Pres is allowing students to have a formal pants option to wear on a daily basis and have also revamped the sweatpants to be more comfortable for students.

This breakthrough in the uniform is certainly call for celebration, but first let’s take a look at how the pants became an option. Certain teachers and students have been pushing for this uniform change for years and their hard work deserves praise and recognition.

First, students must give thanks to the head of the theater department, Jim Houle, as he has been spearheading the push for pants for years—far longer than any of the current students have attended this school. He has been outspoken about providing students with an everyday pants option, so he is one to praise.

“I’ve always seen skirts as a sexist article of clothing. I think it limits women’s activities, so when I saw that there was no pants I asked why,” said Houle. “And I think that the trans students should be equal members of our student body and not any way underneath the other and I think attire is very important.”

Then, students must also turn to Pres’ GSC, Gay-Straight Community, as they have been just as vocal about the importance of providing all students with an everyday pants uniform. From communication with others to communication with teachers and administrative directors, the members of the GSC have been highly active in the push for pants.

An anonymous junior from our school’s GSC said, “This is the third year we’ve been advocating for a pants uniform because the concept of only allowing your students to wear a skirt is kind of archaic…for a school who preaches feminism.”

The new uniform guidelines allow students two different pants option. The first option is a new sweatpants uniform as part of the winter uniform. The second, and the bigger change, is the formal pants option. Available through MerryMart, the formal pants are navy with a Presentation crest on the upper corner. These pants can be worn on a day-to-day basis and as part of the formal uniform on formal uniform days.

Countless benefits come with this uniform change. Pants allow trans and non-binary students to be more comfortable at Pres. An anonymous junior says, ““I am trans and panromantic so I just feel really uncomfortable…there’s a lot of dysphoria surrounded by the skirt…but I was tired of not having pants, especially because I’ve gone to schools where I’ve had a uniform and there’s always been an option of pants.”

Plus, pants are often warmer and just more comfortable than a skirt, especially on cold days. And for students who may feel self conscious about their legs, they now have an option that allows them to be covered.

Changing the uniform to allow students to wear pants daily is instrumental and is cause for praise and celebration for all parties involved in making this a reality.