The Weirdest (and Scariest) Mag Drive Incentives


Image by Creative Commons

In the middle of the Mag Drive frenzy, The Voice asked Pres girls what their craziest Mag Drive incentives have been, and you guys gave us some of the most memorable, and scariest, that we’ve seen. Check them out!

“My homeroom teacher offered her parking spot.”


“Two years ago my homeroom teacher said that he would do a cheer while wearing his Santa Clara University cheerleading uniform. It worked.”


“Because we were one of the top homerooms, my homeroom teacher dressed up like Miley Cyrus for the day. During homeroom, she played Wrecking Ball on her guitar and sang along.”


“My homeroom teacher offered to dress up as Mr. Garrett (wig included) if her homeroom made the goal.”
“My homeroom teacher locked in my homeroom after school and told us that we needed to sell at least $350.”


All gifs are from Tumblr.