The Voice

How to Stay in Shape Out of Sports Season

Christina Dobbek, Reporter

May 18, 2018

Summer is just about here and it’s time to let loose and enjoy yourself. But wait - how am I supposed to stay healthy and fit this summer without school sports? It all seems so impossible! Help me, The Voice! Don’t worry, we...

Olympic Oddities

Rachel Jacobson, Special Features Editor

February 8, 2018

Living on the sunny Californian coast where snowy winters - let alone winter sports - are a mystery. Pres girls might find themselves perplexed at the seemingly strange array of athletic events in the upcoming Winter Olympics...

Athletes Question Uniform Rules

Dusty Hill, Reporter/Photo Editor

October 13, 2016

By now, regardless of your athletic participation, you’ve most likely heard talk of new rules regarding the sports uniforms, which weren’t exactly met with hoots and cheers of enthusiasm. The athletic department has been hi...

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