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Tech at Pres: Is It Working?

Sharika Saraf, Opinions Editor

September 24, 2012

Filed under Features, Tech

Picture this: a teacher books the laptop cart. You’re excited and ready to work, but alas! It takes ages to log on and connect to the Internet. Halfway through class, it’s still slow. Frustrated, you feel like you want to...

Travel Horror Stories

Isha Salian

May 17, 2012

Filed under Special Features, Travel

Over Christmas break, I experienced a true travel horror story. I was in India with my parents, and our plane had landed late at night. We were using a different rental car company than we usually did, and, very jet-lagged, got...

Bike Party!!

May 17, 2012

Keep on Pinning!

Emily Carolin, Senior Copy Editor

May 17, 2012

Filed under Tech

As many Presentation girls know, we are no strangers to social media. The majority of the United States is heavily involved in this form of technology, whether we are blogging, tweeting or keeping in touch with family and friends...

Online Privacy

Kate Pashby

May 17, 2012

Filed under Tech

Your work and education. Your religious and political beliefs. The sports, music, movies, TV shows and activities you enjoy. Then your “basic information,” which includes your sexual orientation, marital status and biography,...

Out with the Old. In with the New!

Sarah Zajac

February 1, 2012

Filed under Fashion

Goodbye 2011 and hello 2012! Yup, that’s right, it’s finally here, the year that many have been looking forward to. Though it seemed to take forever to get here, there is no doubt that we sure are welcoming the new year with...

Alternative Senior Trips

MC Guidoux

February 1, 2012

Filed under Travel

One of the major perks that comes with graduating high school is going on a senior trip, and rightfully so. What doesn’t sound great about going on a vacation with your friends and no parents? But going to Hawaii is not always...

Cray Cray Makeup

Photos, Copy and Makeup by Caitlin Conlin

February 1, 2012

Filed under Fashion

Since Pres girls always want to look their best for ANY occasion, we have created top of the line eye shadow designs that will guarantee to make your eyes the talk of the halls! Try these out and let your eyes tell your story! Rainbow Ever...

Winter Fashion

Jenna Stroup

December 18, 2011

Filed under Arts & Entertainment, Fashion

Jack Frost is nipping and it’s high time Pres girls were prepared. In warmer months skirts may be fine on their own, but with the cold creeping in, layering is a must. Instead of risking a uniform violation by putting on sweater...

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