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Pres Girl Cleans Her Closet

Dusty Hill, Reporter

April 28, 2017

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It’s Friday night. I am vegetating on the couch after an extensive and exhausting week of procrastination. I suddenly feel an overwhelming wave of guilt crash over my lifeless body. Why am I so lazy? Why am I still in my plaid sk...

Fashion Show Student Designers

Olivia Catelani

April 26, 2017

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Freshman Designer: Kylie Holmboe Model: Emma Fontana The Voice: What inspired this dress? KH: Vintage, Vogue-type 60’s, but with new colors. The Voice: Do you have any plans to be a fashion designer? KH: I want to start my ...

Prom Dress Stress

Prom Dress Stress

March 21, 2017

Love Horrorscopes

Love Horrorscopes

February 14, 2017

My Biracial Thanksgiving

My Biracial Thanksgiving

November 1, 2016

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