Player Profile: Megan Jaeb


Senior Megan Jaeb is a very active member in the Presentation community. Not only does she participate in rigorous courses and serve as a class officer, but she also is a vital part of the Varsity basketball team. Megan recently committed to Carnegie Mellon University in order to continue her basketball career. The Voice caught up with Megan to ask her a few questions.


The Voice: How were you introduced to basketball?

Megan Jaeb: I was introduced to basketball in 3rd grade, when my parents forced me to play, as they did for the next few years before I learned to love the game!


The VoiceWhat is your favorite part about the game?

MJ: It teaches life skills, such as intensity, dedication, the importance of communication, and hard work. Also, as with any sport, I love clearing your mind for a few hours and spending the time doing something fun and competitive!


The Voice: How do you prepare yourself for a game?

MJ: I prepare myself in different ways depending on the opponent, but for the most part, it begins with being focused in practice [and] then on game days I have a banana and PB&J. It’s all mental preparedness from there, just thinking about what I strive to accomplish with each game.


The Voice: What is your favorite memory on the court?

MJ: I don’t know if I have a favorite memory on the court, but I have for sure had favorite games, games when you and your team just play exceptionally well together. There’s no better feeling than that!


The Voice: What is the most difficult part about playing basketball?

MJ: As a person with less patience than I wish I had, I think sometimes it is hard to remember that results don’t happen immediately. Sometimes when I struggle with something, I have to remind myself that doing these drills over and over will have an impact, even though it might not show right away.


The VoiceWhat influenced you to choose Carnegie Mellon?

MJ: I chose Carnegie Mellon because of its excellent academics along with having the opportunity to play basketball there. I was interested in playing D3 basketball because I liked that it puts academics first, knowing that I probably won’t be making a career out of playing basketball!


The Voice: Is there any advice you would give to someone interested in playing at the collegiate level?

MJ: I would say keep working hard now, use your sport to learn those life skills that will shape your character, reach out to every school that you have the slightest interest in attending, and never turn away any schools right off the bat!