Player Profile: Annette Chu

Player Profile: Annette Chu

Annette Chu has been part of the Presentation golf team for the past four years and is in the middle of her last high school season. Along with being a valuable member of the golf team, she is also a dedicated robotics team member. The Voice caught up with her this month for a few questions.


The Voice: When did you start playing golf and how did you develop a passion for it?

Annette Chu: I started playing when I was 7. My dad forced me to play after we played mini-golf together. I started practicing more, and realized I was actually kind of good at it. My sister also started playing and it became more of a family bonding experience.


The Voice: What is your favorite moment playing golf at Pres?

AC: When I was in 9th grade, we won WCALs  by one stroke, beating out Valley Christian. I did really well that day, so I felt like I was truly part of the team.


The Voice: How does watching golf inspire your game and who is your favorite golfer?

AC: Whenever I watch golf, the professionals are super calm, even when they make a bad shot, so I try to copy that whenever I make a bad shot because it’s really easy to get frustrated. My favorite golfer is Phil Mickelson.


The Voice: How does it make you feel that golf is under the radar a little bit at Pres? Does it bother you?

AC: Yes, it it does bother me a little bit! I think people don’t give golfers enough credit. It’s actually a really difficult sport because not only do you have to be good physically, you have to be good mentally as well. It takes a lot practice to be able to remain consistent while playing.


The Voice: What are some ways the the students here can support the golf team, especially since the tournaments are so far away?

AC: Maybe if Panther Pride gave us some more shoutouts. Also, putting more of our wins in the Panther Report or featuring medalists. Sometimes people from our team become medalists, or the lowest score in the match. Maybe they can get recognition.


The Voice: What are some of your pre-match rituals?

AC: One of the freshmen this year, Mariana [Antaya], always brings fudgesicles, so good food. Also we have really fun bus rides.


The Voice: How do you manage to balance on all of your work, especially with being in robotics?

AC: It’s difficult. There’s no magic formula for it but the robotics team is really understanding that my commitment to the golf team is also really big. I just try to budget my time, so whenever I have free time I try to get something done.


The Voice: Who have you found to be your biggest supporter throughout your golf career?

AC: My dad. He is always really supportive of me, and whenever I have a bad round, he doesn’t get mad. Well, if he does get mad he uses constructive criticism.


The Voice: When you are not playing your best, how do you cope with the frustration?

AC: Sometimes I don’t, but I just try to think about how that one shot doesn’t define the entire round, and I just try to move on to the next shot and try to get better from there.


The Voice: How does playing golf translate into other part of your life?

AC: It teaches patience and being able to strategize. Whenever I approach a hole, I look at the entire surrounding and I try to plan out what shots I would make. It kind of translates to real life because I try to look at the big picture and try to map out what I’m supposed to do.


The Voice: Overall, how has golf changed your life?
AC: It gives me a good hobby, and it gives me an outlet for my stress sometimes. I can go out and kind of relax. I’m also going to continue playing in college – maybe – and it’s going to be a good way to make friends, be social, and exercise.