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Player Profile: Cloey LemMon

Natalie Audelo, Asst. Community Editor

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This year, the Presentation field hockey team has attained their goal of competing with some of the Bay Area’s most skillful teams in the top division. The Voice speaks with varsity captain, Cloey LemMon, regarding the upcoming season.

Voice:  How long have you been playing field hockey?

CL:  I’ve been playing field hockey since I was a freshman here at Presentation.

Voice: How did you become interested in field hockey?

CL: My older sister played field hockey in high school. After I saw her play, I became  interested in it.

Voice: Is there a specific player that you look up to?

CL: I look up to my sister. She plays as a center forward at Davis.

Voice: What advice would you give other players?

CL: My main advice is to practice at home. I like to go into my room and play with my tennis ball. Practicing on your own is key.

Voice: What is your favorite move?

CL: My favorite move is called the “Show and Go.” You open your stick like your passing right, and then you pull the ball left and sprint away from the opponent. These break aways are my favorite.

Voice: Are you involved in any other physical activities outside of field hockey?

CL:  I have played soccer in the past, and I like to go running on my own when I get the chance.

Voice: What field hockey programs have you participated in?

CL: I participated in Futures. It’s a program where girls from different schools come together to practice with college coaches. I also played on the club team, Nor Cal Rush.

Voice: Are you looking to play field hockey in the future?

CL: I definitely am looking to play field hockey in college at a couple of different schools.

Voice: What is the biggest misconception about field hockey?

CL: It is a tough sport. People think it’s simply about girls running around in skirts. When you actually see a game, you begin to think that it’s really hard and intense.

Voice: What is the coach like?

CL: I’ve been on Coach Shiv’s team since I was a sophomore. He’s a really good coach. He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s gone international. He really cares about improving the program.

Voice: Who is your biggest rival?

CL: Last year, our biggest rival was Leigh. It was the only team we lost to. This year, moving up a division, every single team  is our biggest rival. But I want to beat St. Francis because my sister went there. I’m little LemMon, watch out!

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Player Profile: Cloey LemMon