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Player Profile: Hisako Yamato

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The Presentation diving team has grown very much in the past four years. The Voice talks to veteran diver Helen Hisako Yamato about her career as a Presentation diver.

Voice: When did you first start diving? How long have you been diving with Pres?

HY: I started diving my sophomore year here at Presentation and I have been diving with Presentation every since. I started diving at Stanford Diving Club summer of 2008.

Voice: What other sports have you played in the past?

HY: I did gymnastics for 10 years before starting diving.

Voice: Why did you decide to get involved in diving? Are there any specific advantages to diving?

HY: I decided to do diving because I had quit gymnastics the year before and I had figured that diving was a sport that I could do that would allow me to use the gymnastics skills I already had.

Voice: What are competitions like?

HY: At competitions, we have a warm up about a half hour before the actual competition. This allows us to practice the dives we plan to do in the meet. And then each diver does 6 dives and we get scored on them. I try to stay focused on what I am doing at the moment and try to do my best.

Voice: What is your favorite thing about diving with Pres?

HY: My favorite thing about diving with Pres is getting to dive with other people and really establishing a team bond with all of the other divers. Another thing I like about it is seeing all of the other divers’ progress and seeing them learn new dives and becoming better divers.

Voice: What is the most difficult part about this sport?

HY: The most difficult part of the sport for me is learning new dives. It can be very scary and intimidating and you don’t always get it right the first time, which can be painful.

Voice: Are you planning on continuing with sports in the future?

HY: I am planning on doing diving while I am in college at Arizona State. If that doesn’t work out, I definitely plan on doing other sports and staying involved in diving by maybe doing some coaching on the side.

Voice: Do you have any funny stories you would like to share?

HY: There have been many funny moments during out practices. But one funny moment was during my first season of diving during my sophomore year. The diving team included me and only one other person, Nickie Ellis. We were at practice one day and our coach, Jen Gonzalez, and her dad were talking and Nickie was listening and she walked straight off of the board. It was a very funny day, to say the least.

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Player Profile: Hisako Yamato