If Pres Things Were in the Olympics

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If Pres Things Were in the Olympics

Samantha Knapp, Reporter

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Ever wanted to be an Olympian? What if Pres held the Olympics? Finally, all the hard work and physical training girls go through to win the race to the lunch line, and being able to stay awake all night and all day writing after that CRP would not go unnoticed.


Receiving an A on a paper or actually getting cookies from the center is good and everything, but there should be more. A gold medal to shine on your neck would be so much more satisfying. Here are some potential events that Pres girls for which Pres girls have a chance to win their medal.


Speed parking: Getting a space in the Pres parking lot before other competitors

Hallway dodging: See who can make it the quickest through the hallway while dodging backpacks and freshmen

Synchronized Cheering: Teams compete to show their skill for cheering in perfect unison

Skrt Skirt: Ditching plaid while avoiding detention

Center Line Dash: Individuals race to the lunch line before food runs out