Fore! Make Way for Mariana Antaya

Fore! Make Way for Mariana Antaya

Isabella Granqvist, Reporter

A million thoughts run through her head, each move carefully calibrated for this moment. All eyes turning to fixate on her, she takes a deep breath and assumes her position on the green. Then she makes her shot.

This is the (albeit dramatized) reality for varsity golfer Mariana Antaya, junior. Antaya has been a member of varsity golf for the entirety of her time at Presentation, truly an impressive feat as she was one of only two freshmen accepted onto varsity.

Golf has been in Antaya’s life for a very long time. She began playing at age seven, but started to train more seriously when she was in seventh grade and began looking at high school teams. Before coming to Pres, Antaya played golf individually.

One of her biggest challenges is the mental aspect of the game. “You have to keep your emotions controlled in order to perform your best,” Antaya explains.

In addition to playing golf, Antaya is also involved at Pres through different clubs and organizations, such as astronomy club and Campus Ministry, where she frequently altar serves for school masses.

All these competing interests means Antaya has to rep major time management skills. She uses a planner to schedule all of her homework, dinners, breaks and of course, golf practices. Getting enough sleep is one of her top priorities.

With such a busy schedule, it’s a good thing Antaya has so many role models to inspire her. Famous golfers Antaya look up to include but are not limited to:  Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Paula Creamer, Michelle Wie and Juli Inkster. “The fact that there are so many girls… who are willing to play golf and face the challenges that golf has [is] really great,” Antaya says.

Does Antaya see herself playing for a college and following these golf legends? Well, sort of. As Antaya explains, “Playing college golf is like having a full-time job and also being a full-time student.”

For Antaya, it’s all about balance. While she can see herself playing for a college, she’s wary about time commitments. “If the right college decides that they want me, I will go, but if the college isn’t right for me, then I wouldn’t.”

Ultimately, no matter what Antaya decides, she has a lot to be proud of. From hitting the ball around with her dad on the green as a small child to playing high school varsity, she’s accomplished a lot.

So when Antaya steps out onto the green, she’ll be able to do so with pride, knowing all her hard work is paying off. She’ll calculate her shot with great focus and care. Watch out, everyone: she’s truly an ace player.