Player Profile: Gabrielle Avila


Sarah Avila, Reporter

From relays to individual running, senior Gabrielle Avila runs a range of events for track and field. But with three years on the Pres Varsity team, she has developed a passion for pole vaulting. In an interview, The Voice got the chance to talk with her about her sport and her experience on the field.


The Voice: When did your interest in track and field first start?

GA: I just tried it freshman year and I wanted to do pole vault because I did gymnastics for thirteen years. I just decided to run and I like running, but I like vaulting more.


The Voice: Which track and field events do you participate in?

GA: I pole vault and sprint the 100 meter, 200 meter, the four by one, and the four by four. The four by one is you run 100 meters and then you pass it off, so it’s a whole lap, and the four by four is you run a whole lap, and then you pass it.


The Voice: How often do you have meets?

Usually, we have meets on Wednesdays and sometimes on Saturdays.


The Voice: What does a typical day at practice look like for you?

GA: I warm up, and then I’ll usually do vaulting. I get there at 3 p.m. and then I vault till around 5 p.m., and then we do a running workout, and then we sometimes go in the weight room after that.


The Voice: What do you like best about your sport?

GA: I like pole vault because it’s fun to go through the air and I like the relays because you have a team and it’s more fun to run when somebody else is relying on you than by yourself.


The Voice: Was it scary to try pole vaulting at first?

GA: Yeah, at first I guess it is, but you get used to it.


The Voice: Which lane do you prefer running in?

I like lane 5 [one of the lanes in the middle]. I just don’t want to be on the outside, I feel like I have to run more and then the inside, it just feels like you start too far back.


The Voice: Do you do anything track-related outside of school?

GA: I go to the gym, I used to do cross fit, I used to do tennis, but now I just focus on pole vault. I used to do cross country too, but not anymore.


The Voice: Do you have a favorite memory from your track and field career?

GA: Last week, I was running the four by four and I was the second leg. I was in the outside lane, but you’re supposed to cut in and I stayed in the outside lane the whole time, which was obviously way longer and everyone was yelling at me to cut in, but I just didn’t hear them. We still won, so it was okay.


The Voice: Do you have any accomplishments that you are proud of from your experience in your sport?

GA: We’re going to Arcadia this weekend, which is really hard to get entered into and so I’m excited for that.


The Voice: Are you planning to continue track and field in college?

GA: I want to, but I don’t know where I’m going to college, but I’ll probably vault wherever I go.