Player Profile: Gabbie Sanfilippo


Gabbie smiles as she poses for a picture with her trophy in 2011. Photo courtesy of Gabbie Sanfilippo

Aditi Mittal, Reporter

Senior Gabbie Sanfilippo has been playing soccer for most of her life, and will continue to do so next fall in college. She is widely recognized by her peers and classmates as an excellent soccer player, and was even featured in Cal Hi Sports as the Lexus of Stevens Creek Volunteer of the Week. The Voice caught up with Gabbie for details about her life as a student-athlete.


The Voice: When did you start playing soccer?

Gabbie: When I was about five years old. When I was young, I tried a lot of sports, so soccer was one sport that my parents put me in. I also did basketball and gymnastics.


The Voice: Why did you decide to continue soccer?

Gabbie: My dad was the assistant coach, and I just liked running. I felt free and it felt nice. I played with my best friend when we were little, and we kind of just stuck with it.


The Voice: What position do you play?

Gabbie: I play center defense and center left.


The Voice: How has it been playing for Presentation’s soccer team?

Gabbie: It’s different, but it’s fun. You meet different girls with different styles of soccer and of different levels, and it all comes together. It’s different from playing outside of school, but it’s definitely unique.


The Voice: Do you play soccer outside of school?

Gabbie: I’ve been playing on MVLA (Mountain View Los Altos) for six months, I just recently moved there from DeAnza Force. Before Force I was on Central Valley Chili Peppers. I was 16 and that team was U-18, so then they aged out. Then I went to DeAnza Force, and they aged out for me. Now I’m on MVLA. We won Surf Cup last year, which was really cool.


The Voice: How much of your time does soccer generally take up?

Gabbie: A lot. School practice is every day from 3 to 5, with games on the weekends. For club, I practice Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:15 to 9:45.  We usually have one or two games every weekend, and tournaments once every two months. We travel everywhere in tournaments. I’ve been to Seattle, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, and Philadelphia for tournaments..


The Voice: Will you be continuing soccer after high school?

Gabbie: I will. I am going to play at LMU.


The Voice: Who do you look up to with regards to soccer?

Gabbie: Maile Washington. She graduated last year. She loved the game and she always had fun while she played. She was just always herself.


The Voice: What do you like the most about playing soccer?

Gabbie: For me it’s relaxing. It’s a time where I get to focus on playing soccer, and I don’t have to worry about anything else. It’s fun to just be with all of my friends and classmates.


The Voice: Is it a lot of pressure?

Gabbie: There is some pressure to win. We’ve never beaten Mitty all of the four years I’ve been here. That’s something that’s a lot of pressure, to beat them at least once before I leave, but it’s a good pressure.


The Voice: How has soccer influenced your life?

Gabbie: It’s given me good social skills. I’ve met a lot of great and fun people. While travelling all over the place, you get to experience different cultures and meet lots of new people. I have made lots of good connections.


The Voice: We saw that you had been featured in Cal Hi sports and that you were named the Lexus of Stevens Creek Volunteer of the Week.

Gabbie: Yes, I was actually interviewed just last week, for Cal Hi sports and player volunteer of the week. How it works is that the top five player volunteers of the week get a $5000 college scholarship. My coached picked me for this. She asked me about community service and how it has affected me. I volunteer at lots of soccer camps and help out people as much as I can.