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Player Profile: Deb Simontacchi

Deb Simontacchi

Kathlen Heylman, Staff Reporter

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This year, something strange happened on Pres’s varsity basketball team–there is only one senior on the entire team. This lone senior is none other than Deb Simontacchi. This season marks her third consecutive year of varsity basketball at Pres. This outstanding player is ready to make her last season the best one yet. The Voice got the chance to ask Deb some questions to learn a little more about her and see how this season has been so far.


Voice: When did you first start playing basketball?

Deb Simontacchi: I have been playing since I was in fourth grade, so I’ve been playing for a while now.


Voice: What is it like being the only senior on the team?

DS: I feel almost like I’m the mom of the team. I always want to be sure of where everyone is when we are playing at other schools. I feel like I have to protect my team.


Voice: What’s your favorite play and why do you like it?

DS: My favorite play is called “Two down.” I like it because it is mostly for the post players and I am a post player and because we usually get to score on that play too.


Voice: Does your team have any interesting rituals before games?

DS: I always bring candy to the game so we always eat a bunch of candy before games

Voice: This being your last year, is there any particular goal that you wanted to achieve this season?

DS: Well, I already achieved my biggest goal of my high school career last week and that was beating Mitty.


Voice: Are you planning to continue playing basketball in college?

DS: Yeah, I am going to DeAnza next year so I’ll probably play there. I am planning on going to a four-year school after DeAnza.


Voice: Do you have an school in mind that you would like to attend after DeAnza?

DS: I would like to go to San Jose State and just stay close home.





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Player Profile: Deb Simontacchi